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JHSF is Becoming the Leading Real Estate Company in Brazil under the Watch of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a revered Brazilian real estate company that started its official operations in 1972. The company operates in cities, such as Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. Internationally the company has ventured in two cities in the U.S. – Miami and NYC. The company majorly specializes in real estate development, shopping malls, hotels, airport, and luxury retail brands.

The Role Played by JHSF

JHSF has been controlling 15 restaurants in Fanaso since June 2014. The company also has several upcoming hotel expansion projects. These projects include Fanaso Angra dos Reis Hotel, Hotel Fanaso Miami, Hotel Fanaso Trancoso, and Hotel Fanaso Salvador. The company also operates the Sao Paulo Caterina Executive Airport, which is the first international business airport in Sao Paulo.

JHSF has earned itself numerous developmental records. Some of the developments include the Mena Barreto 423 building, which is still under construction. The Hoto Bella Vista in Salvador is another development that stands in an 81 acres area. JHSF has developed sophisticated residential homes, schools, and shopping malls.

Through its chief executive, JHSF has invested in an 80,000 square meter plot in the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. Today this area is regarded as the home of the largest real estate complex in Brazil. The company earned R$ 156 million in the first half of the year when Jose became the chief executive.

The company also owns properties, such as Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and star-studded commercial buildings in Hungary Street. The company houses great brands, such as the law firm Pinheiro Neto.

Jose Auriemo, the Head of JHSF

After succeeding his father, Fabio Auriemo, five years ago Jose Auriemo Neto became the president of JHSF. He is married to a business administrator, Mariana Landmann. The proud father of two children opened his first company at the age of 17. He studied engineering at FAAP up to grade four. As a teenager, he played football in Norway, rode on horsebacks, and practice high jumps in Belgium.

Jose Auriemo’s exceptional management has seen the construction of the Garden City. He has achieved in investing $16 million to make JHSF a chain member of Fasano hotel. Jose also did sign an agreement with Daslu to be part of shopping centers that JHSF intends to develop in Brazil. Through him, JHSF has been crowned the king of luxury properties.

Expert Financial Services From A Small Firm That Cares About Its Clients

Residents of Bee Cave, Texas and the surrounding communities, including Austin, are fortunate to have Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions as a local investment advisor, since he believes in meeting his clients in person. Blair and his team believe in establishing long-term relationships with clients to meet their investment, retirement and their survivor’s needs.


As an independent advisor, Blair offers unbiased, customized wealth building plans that are designed to help his clients meet their financial goals, as opposed to favoring certain investment products. Blair holds a number of designations, including Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist and Retirement Income Certified Professional, which allows him to furnish all of the financial services that benefit his clients.


Financial Planning


To Blair, financial planning is important for any individual who wants to meet certain goals in life, such as sending their children to college. Blair will tailor a plan for clients, so that they may achieve their objectives.


Retirement Planning


As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, Blair advises clients regarding allocating 401K plans, annuities and IRA investments. His specialty is planning future expenses, helping clients decide when to begin their Social Security benefits and long-term care solutions.


Wealth Management


Blair offers a variety of investment options to help his prosperous clients retain and build their wealth, while taking into account his client’s goals and risk tolerance level. By discovering a client’s objectives by listening and then asking questions, Blair can produce a customized portfolio, which is why he prefers to meet with individuals in person.


Blair established Wealth Solutions, which is a Registered Investment Advisory, in 1994 to offer expert financial advice to individuals, families and owners of small businesses. Blair employs his Three Pillars approach at Wealth Solutions, which begins with identifying his client’s objectives. Next, Blair develops strategies to generate the highest long-term returns for clients while minimizing their risk. Over time, Wealth Solutions evaluate each strategy, comparing it to the market average and to the client’s expectations. Finally, Blair discusses life insurance protection with his clients.


Wealth Solutions is the ideal financial services firm for Greater Austin residents to protect and grow their assets while enjoying the personal service that only a small, local firm can offer.


The Philanthropic Activities of Sam Boraie

The wellbeing of a community is dependent on members. Communities flourish or die, contingent upon the generosity, compassion and volunteerism of the general population who dwell and operate there. As a result of Sam Boraie’s philanthropic character, New Brunswick is the type of place that fills in as a model for what takes place when pioneers exhibit their vitality for their communities as a whole. As an individual from the Board of Trustees of the historical New Jersey State Theater, situated within New Brunswick, Sam is excited about commending the rich and history of diversity of New Jersians by exhibiting performing craftsmen that interest to an extensive variety of groups of people of any age. More details can be found on

Omar Boraie Development, the foundation where Sam acts as Vice President, is additionally supporting the State Theater. During summer, the organization provides sponsorship for the movie series enabling families to view common and family-friendly movies without any charges. This inconceivably famous program permits families of all income levels to have a night out as they watch movies. The organization is recognized for its broad development within New Jersey, creating employment, entertainment venues, residences, although his philanthropic acts in the zone is inconceivable, especially for low-breadwinners who have few or no dollars to spend on entertainment. Sam likewise works with the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise, an association committed to guaranteeing that low-pay families within the New Brunswick zone have admittance to nutritious meals. Apart from offering over 100,000 meals every year, Elijah’s Promise offers training programs that enable people to get jobs and create vocations within the food service sector.

While Sam’s budgetary vows to the associations he supports are essential to executing their main goal, the endowment of his time, vitality and individual dedication towards the associations he serves are also imperative. According to Patch, Sam’s long-standing devotion to revive the New Brunswick community, via his personal attention and gifts, have been catalysts to reestablishing the community, invigorating development and demonstrating development to a place where every person can live happily. Thus, Sam has put an example of the way commitment and leadership can make communities such as New Brunswick and the encompassing zones healthier places to dwell, play and work.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Path to Success Lies in Founding Successful Businesses

Foresite Capital Management, LLC is a venture capital firm and private equity. The company specialises in growth capital, buyouts, middle market and late stage investments. Its main focus is new disruptive service companies that are involved in therapeutics, health care drugs, medical devices, healthcare services and service sector with late stage technology products. Foresite Capital Management, LLC’S targets investments in genomics, biotechnology and diagnostics and seeks to invest between $10-$50 million. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr Jim Tananbaum who is both founder and Chief Executive Officer. The company’s based in San Francisco, California and has an additional New York office.

Before founding Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum had already co-founded 2 healthcare investment practices as well as two key biopharmaceutical companies. He graduated with a B.S. and a B.S.E.E. from Yale, obtained an M.D. FROM Harvard Medical School, earned an M.S. from MIT and finally an MBA from Harvard Business School. As he was completing Harvard Med and Business schools, he founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals that brought two different drugs onto the market for not more than $80 million. GelTex was obtained for $1.6 billion and learn more about Jim.

This was when it’s top drug Renagel had a $200 million annual revenue run rate. Renagel (Renzela) is today estimated to produce almost $1billion annually in revenue over two decades after its launch. Jim Tananbaum was also co-founder and CEO of Theravance, Inc. that shares GSK’s franchise via Innoviva with is a joint venture, and completed Theravance Biopharma, Inc which was a spin-off. Both companies combined have a market capitalization of roughly $3.2 billion and more information click here.

About Jim Tananbaum
Jim Tananbaum was recently named one of the top 100 investors on Forbes Midas list. His investment experience includes co-founding Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Earlier in his career, he was a partner at Sierra Ventures. Jim of Twitter, It is there that he helped establish the company’s healthcare services and investment practice. He has been at the forefront of numerous investments. Some of these include Amira Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by NYSE: BMS, Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Healtheon. He founded Foresite Capital in 2010 with a vision of combining elements of aspects in his career to create an original investment platform.

Expense Ratio And Manager Ownership, The Only ‘Armour’ Against Shortchanging Investors

Timothy Armour, who currently serves as the current chairperson and CEO of Capital Group, challenges Warren Buffett’s assertion that investors may gain better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Buffett recently wagered $1 million for charity on this assertion. However, Mr. Armour believes that it is unlikely that Mr. Buffett will collect on his wager.

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Armour who holds a bachelor’s in economics, has over 30 years of investment experience, and began his career as an equity investment analyst; does agree with Buffett on one claim. He and Buffett both believe that investors’ portfolios are poorly affected by two factors: 1.) mutual funds are expensive 2.) they often perform meagerly in spite of their costs. He supports Buffett’s investment strategy of low cost, simple investments that investors should hold on to long term. However, Armour posits that the reason that many mutual funds yield poor long-run returns is in part due to the cost of high management fees and excessive trading. Furthermore, regarding the common “active versus passive” debate, Armour disagrees with the notion that passive index returns are the safest path. His overall point is that while index funds do have their place, they do not provide cushion for the investor when the markets are down.

Timothy Armour makes the point that investors of mutual funds should consider the expense ratio of the fund and the management and ownership of the fund. Funds with lower expense ratios tend to outpace their peers over time. Funds from investment firms whose managers invest more of their own money into their funds also tend to perform better over time.

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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Selecting a wedding is not a walk in the park. It is expensive despite being the thing that sets the tone for your wedding. In most cases, clients end up being overwhelmed by the idea of picking the right wedding venue NYC. However, the process can be easy if you put in mind these simple tips.


Set the budget


Before signing an agreement with any wedding venue, make sure their prices fits in your budget. It can be frustrating to book a place only to realize that you have no money left for other equally important activities. Choosing a venue such as Manhattan Penthouse in NYC can save you a lot of money. Their space is attractively designed so no need to put much effort on decorations. However, if you want it customized, you have the freedom to choose the desired entrance and table décor.


Space and Availability


The venue should accommodate the number of guests you have invited to your wedding. The best way to determine if it can hold the capacity is by personally visiting the place. Manhattan Penthouse is large enough to accommodate both your family and friends comfortably. Additionally, you should call to confirm if it is available on the date of your wedding.


The Location


A suitable wedding venue should be easily accessed by your guests and service providers. Consider the means of transportation that your guests will use to reach the place. The Penthouse is strategically located on 5th Avenue NYC. The location can be accessed by both public and private transport means.


Ability to Satisfy your Emotional Aura


Holding your wedding in a location that meets your general vibe will make you feel comfortable and fulfilled. Manhattan Penthouse has been around since 1973, and over the years they have evolved into a breathtaking wedding venue. It is surrounded by awe-striking views, serves delicious foods, and has a charming and contemporary location.

EOS-Not Your Average Tube Of Chapstick

EOS has substantially changed the lip balm market. Now you can choose from numerous tantalizing flavors instead of the usual tubes of original, mint or cherry lip balms. EOS, which stands for the Evolution of Smooth, is an organic and natural lip balm that comes in a fun pastel-colored orb that will put a smile on your face every time you use it. Plus it’s easy to fish out of your bag, thanks to its unique shape. EOS is a $250 million dollar company that has become the second best-selling lip balm after Burt’s Bees. EOS currently sells over 1 million units each week and is projected to increase to a whopping $2 billion by the year 2020.

In an interview by Fast Company, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky(who left EOS before its launch) wanted EOS to stand out from all the other products on the market. Through research, they found that lip care was primarily used by women, and so they geared their product toward Millennial women between the ages of 25 to 35. EOS lip balm is a pleasurable product made for women that is meant to last a long time and is not just some crazy new product in Racked drug stores.

EOS has really grown in popularity and now has a large social following with nearly 7 million followers on Facebook ( and more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

EOS has even teamed up with Keds and has worked with a limited-edition holiday collection with Rachael Roy. EOS also created an Alice in Wonderland collection with Disney that sold out in just days.

EOS has really grown into the oral care market and is constantly coming up with new and innovative products in addition to its shaving creams and hand lotions and of course, its well-known orb.

The Art of Modern Day Anesthesiology

Life is generally full of ups and downs. These mishaps can come in the form of accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Unfortunately, this all a part of life itself and no one is immune to it’s wrath. Anesthesia is one of the common and practical function is medical care. This medication has been around for a long time and without it, performing medical procedures would be extremely difficult. Did you know that the U.S. is home to one of the most advanced independent practices that specializes in anesthesiology?

That’s right! Capital Anesthesiology Association is it’s name and providing the most comfortable experience is the game.There is no other independent practice with this much success, that specializes in this vital service. Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the apex of the industry thanks to it’s advanced services, expertise, and wide range of medical facilities. This includes facilities such as Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, as well as High Acuity Hospitals. You won’t find a more productive or progressive organization than this.

Some of the finest of medical personnel works under this huge umbrella and there are up to 20 medical facilities that are covered throughout the network. It’s a win-win strategy and situation because it’s much more efficient than services of the past.CAA even educates and trains future medical personnel. Nurses, nurse anesthetists, paramedics, medical students, and medical residents can receive some of the best training in the business. All in all, this organization has changed the landscape from it’s brilliant way of doing business.

Review of Thor Halvorssen’s Political Involvement and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen became the founder and CEO of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005. The HRF is a global group that holds human rights in the highest possible esteem and has managed to develop a huge human rights movement. The freedom of self-determination and tyranny were involved in the implementation of the two concepts of HRF.

Major Events Where HRF Was Involved

The Human Rights Foundation has been involved in a number of major events like in the international council of a number of well known democracy activists and prisoners conscience. Thor has lobbied and advocated for the release of political prisoners in China. Mr. Halvorssen has criticized the decision by Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, of prescribing the death penalty as a punishment for homosexuals. He has also criticized the assault on individual rights and democracy in Latin America as well as the anti-Semitism in Venezuela. Thor has critiqued both the Republicans and Democrats without hesitation.

Thor has been vocal against the violations against the freedom of speech orchestrated by Panama’s President. He has highlighted the cases of political prisoners in Bolivia, Vietnam, Venezuela and Cuba. His advocacy campaigns have also highlighted the plight of human rights defenders in Columbia.

Thor’s Political Involvement

Thor Halvorssen has been involved in a number of political involvements over his career as a human rights activist. These include; the Lucent Technologies in the year 1999 when he supported the abolition of slave industry in China. In the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), dealing with U.S. Civil Liberties, where he served as the CEO and first ever executive director in 1999. The Eagle Forum, which sought to define feminists’ free expression and the ACLU. Thor was also involved in the OLSO Freedom Forum, which was founded back in 2009. He outlined it as an international assembly of Human Rights Advocates. He was also involved in the Children’s Peace Movement where he was named as the “Patron” for all children living in war ravaged countries.

Film Contributions

Thor has been involved in the executive production, co-production and sole production of several films that include: “Hammer and Tickle”, “Indoctrinate U”, “Freedom’s Fury”, “The Singing Revolution”, “2081” and “The Sugar Babies.”


Dick DeVos Makes It Known He And Betsy Gave $139 Million To Mostly Non-Political Charities

Dick DeVos is a businessman, former political candidate and husband of the current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. He’s made most of his money from his work investing in Michigan-based manufacturing, retail and restaurant companies as well as venture capital firms, and prior to that earned high compensation as CEO of Amway Corporation. But a high percentage of his compensation has been given to volunteer organizations and local services including healthcare and education. While it’s been previously known that his yearly donations have totaled in the millions, it wasn’t known until this last month that he and Betsy have given away around $139 million over the course of their lives. The DeVos Family, including Dick’s father Richard Devos Sr., mother Helen DeVos and siblings Dan, Douglas and Cheri DeVos are estimated to have given over $1.2 billion in total charities.


Dick DeVos really began his business career as a young man watching how his father ran the company and seeing how different clients conducted business through multilevel marketing. When he got older he completed a bachelor’s in business and economics at Northwood University and then ran different management facets of Amway. When he became vice president he started exploring the foreign markets and building new customer bases in several countries. For a brief period he left Amway and during that time he and his wife Betsy started The Windquest Group, he ran and won election to the Board of Education and also became president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic not long after his father bought the team’s shares. He returned to Amway to become CEO and grew the company income from overseas sales even higher during that time. He ran Amway for 10 years before retiring to solely run The Windquest Group.


Dick DeVos helped start Grand Vision, a board of business leaders and organizers that later became Grand Action Committee. During his time at this committee Grand Rapids has seen a lot of development including commercial zones, sports arenas, theaters and hospitals. He and Betsy also started the Education Freedom Fund and joined Children’s Scholarship Fund to help make private schools more affordable for students in low income families. They later started the Great Lakes Education Project and formed charter school alliances, and then started and funded a charter school of their own, the West Michigan Aviation Academy which has opened its doors to all and has curriculum based in aviation, engineering, mechanics and robotics as well as other sciences and general studies.


Dick DeVos’s political career has been ongoing since his father’s days of campaigning with former President Gerald Ford. He and Betsy have worked closely with Heritage Foundation and held positions in the Michigan Republican Party. He ran for governor at one time in 2006 but came up short against incumbent Jennifer Granholm. He started supporting legislators who favored right-to-work legislation, and in 2012 with funding from the Michigan Freedom Fund he and Betsy were able to get a right-to-work law passed. In his spare time, Dick has also sailed in the Chicago-Mackinac race.