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Top 3 Women Plastic Surgeons In Texas

A few decades ago, California seemed to be the only state with a monopoly on plastic surgery. So anyone who wasn’t a celebrity or in the public eye never really dreamed of plastic surgery because it wasn’t exactly a procedure that was meant for the common people. Now with lower priced surgeries and less invasive measures practically anyone can have a bit of minor or major plastic surgery. Whether you wish to have the procedure for cosmetic or health reasons. This list is composed of the top three plastic and cosmetic surgeons across the country.

  1. Camille Cash

Dr. Cash helps residents of Houston, TX look and feel their best. She graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and went onto St. Joseph’s Hospital to complete her residency along with formal training to become a surgeon. After completing her surgical residency she moved onto residency training for plastic surgery. Once becoming Chief Resident of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Cash traveled to Lima, Peru and helped in the facial reconstruction of children born with cleft lips and palates. Currently, women are the sole clientele of Dr. Cash but she hopes that men will become clients too. She believes that everyone can benefit from plastic surgery because the main purpose of the procedures is to help people feel better about themselves.

  1. Ashley Gordon

Dr. Gordon brings something unique to the table. She is able to connect with her patients in such a profound way that most doctors can’t. She is a woman who has had plastic surgery. So she knows full well the fears, anxiety, and nervousness patients might be going through but she also knows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She is living proof that once you’ve taken that first step through a consultation you are on the road to new beginnings and happiness. Dr. Gordon specializes in natural looking plastic and cosmetic surgery. She doesn’t want her work to appear to obvious and her patients fall head over heels with the results every single time.

  1. Jennifer L. Walden

Last on our list is Dr. walden a talented surgeon living in the Lone Star State or more specifically, Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden started her plastic surgery career in New York but moved closer to home to be near family. Dr. Walden is extremely innovated and has blended the two practices of cosmetic surgery with women’s health. She wishes to help empower women by performing cosmetic surgery. She wants patients to know that it’s her sole purpose to help them feel comfortable in the skin that they’re in. Her main focus with procedures is non invasive cosmetic procedures and what the industry likes to call “mommy makeovers”. These makeovers help aging women, who are probably a wife and mother, feel better about themselves as their bodies change. Dr. Walden is very prominent in the media. She has written numerous medical articles and even has her own segment on KVUE-TV, the local ABC affiliate in Austin.

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How Does Mikhail Blagosklonny Help Oncotarget Grow?

Oncotarget is a cancer research journal that has been presented online exclusively by Mikhail Blagosklonny. He is running the journal in a manner that helps other people grow in their research, and he knows that there are many people who will read its volumes to find information that helps them with cancer treatments or therapy. Someone who wishes to learn more about Oncotarget and this terrible disease may read the journal, and this article explains how the company is providing better resources for all the people who are reading.

#1: Why Are Their Studies Different?

Oncotarget and Mikhail Blagosklonny wish to help people by offering them information that is not found in the traditional medical journals. These journals are often rife with the same sorts of research that are simply not helpful because they repeat the same ideas. This journal looks for information that will make the journal more beneficial to all, and they search for unique studies that have been written by new authors.

#2: Their Structure

The journal is structured like any other where the volumes have their own sets of articles and information. That information is written in a format that is easy for the public to read, and it is rendered in a format that is simpler for doctors to skim. They need to have new information on their desks that is helpful, and the Oncotarget journal helps everyone who wishes to learn more about cancer to help themselves or others.

#3: Changes In Treatment

Oncotarget focuses quite a lot on treatments that are changing, and these treatments are often created in ways that will defy conventional science. They want to publish these findings to ensure that someone may read them, and they will help the public understand that there is progress being made on the cancer treatment front. Someone who wants to see a new option because they have tried everything else will be stunned to learn that they may use this journal to change their life.

#4: Cancer Therapy

Oncotarget publishes quite a lot about cancer therapy because they know that the therapies used for many patients will be more helpful than the traditional fare. They often print articles that discuss things such as the diet that someone may use, or they look into exercise as a form of therapy. They are seeking something that will make life easier for the patient, and these studies are often built around new ways to combat cancer that are not based on the traditional methods that have been used for such a long time.Oncotarget is the pride and joy of Mikhail Blagosklonny. He believes that his journal will help more people than any other simply by offering something that makes lives better. There is no cure for cancer as it stands, but Oncotarget wants to make headway in the research and treatment area. They know that they have a strong advisory panel that will help ensure every new study has been reviewed, and they will share information that makes cancer treatable for all.

Michael Lacey Fights for Immigrant Rights

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was founded, in part, by Michael Lacey who is the son of a construction worker and moved West in the late 1960s to study at Arizona State University. Lacey dropped out of college less than a year in, but he took a job as the editor of New Times and was among the growing newspapers in the alternative media outlets.

The independent journalist, Michael Lacey, continued to become a more and more prominent voice in the alternative media as his paper New Times brought Westworld in 1983 and the operation he started turned into a multimillion dollar operation with 17 like-minded newspapers across the country as more and more publications were brought by the company including the LA Times, Miami New Times, and Village Voice.

Michael Lacey was arrested in late 2013, which turned out to be a false arrest as the warrant to even arrest him in the first place was counterfeit. Lacey and his friend Larkin used the $3.75 million in payouts from the false arrest to start The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund which helps Latin-Americans settling in America with the money from the lawsuit settlement.

This is a shove back in the face of Joe Arpaio had the warrant executed in the first place, showing that Michael Lacey would not stop fighting for those who he thought deserved support no matter what other people thought of him doing so.

In 2012, Lacey sold his collection of newspapers to an executive company that is now reaching 9 million readers in physical print every day, and another 56 million readers every month online. Lacey has also been honored with a Pulitzer Prize and has also enjoyed hundreds of other journalist awards for his work over the years.  Read more: Michael Lacey |

Today, Michael Lacey is busy fighting against the Trump Administration with everything he can to stop the repeal of the DACA which has granted amnesty and worker rights to about 800,000 immigrants that otherwise will be deported.

Trump’s Administration wants to override DACA, which would leave these people who are covered by it vulnerable to deportation even though they have lived in the US for 5+ years and all have jobs or study here and are productive parts of our society.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Oncotarget Has Led to Positive Improvements

The medical field is always changing. This is something that Mikhail Blagosklonny knows well and something that he works to make sure that he is working with. He wants to ensure that things are going to work out in the different situations that he is in and, for him, that means creating a publication that people can rely on when they are looking at the different medical issues that go on in the world that they are a part of. Mikhail Blagosklonny knows a lot about the issues that happen in different places and he also wants to make sure that people can see what they are doing in their own medical field.Because of his dedication to making the medical world better, Mikhail Blagosklonny knows that it is necessary to bring change in the different areas of medicine. He started Oncotarget for that reason and he has worked hard to make sure that Oncotarget continues to grow so that people will be able to see that there is more to the medical field than the basics that they know about. Mikhail Blagosklonny knows that there is more to it and wants to include everyone – from neurologists to endocrinologists – in on the fight to make things better for those who are doing things in the medical industry.

While Mikhail Blagosklonny has been working on Oncotarget, he has also found different solutions for things in the medical industry. These things include the fight against aging and rejuvenation. He wants to bring rejuvenation therapies to people who were previously not able to receive them. All of this has led to him coming up with even more solutions and making things easier for people to gain access to no matter where they are located or the medical problems that they have.Since Mikhail Blagosklonny has been finding out new opportunities for people who want to fix issues through rejuvenation therapy, he has been bringing these changes to the area that he is close to. He has also helped his patients with these things and that has made things easier on him in the areas that he is in.

As an oncologist, he has found many different ways to help people get what they need from rejuvenation through the different areas. He has also done what he can to make it easier for people to try new things with their cancer treatment.Rejuvenation therapy is something that has been used in the anti-aging community for a long time but it is something that has recently been found effective in cancer treatment. Mikhail Blagosklonny knows that if it works to provide people with the options that they need in their own fight to make things easier, it is also something that has enabled people to try new things with the options that they have. What Mikhail Blagosklonny wants is to give people all of the options that they need in their fight against cancer and this type of rejuvenation treatment is just one more option that he can offer them.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Take Amazon On

Fabletics is a new fashion brand that is taking the online business world by storm. It has already grown swiftly to $250 million in revenue in its short life. And this is in an industry (retail) that is considered dead. Not to mention that the “athleisure” genre, which Fabletics touts themselves as, has historically been deemed overpriced, ugly, and made of low quality materials. However, Fabletics is different.


When the founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg decided to get into fashion, they knew they had to work smart. Amazon is already the giant in the space, and they dominate from a logistics, marketing, distribution, and pricing aspect. They decided they needed someone to partner with who could help them navigate the brand, so they looked to Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is an actor, but she also has a knack for business. After all, she was present in the early meetings of the brand, and helped them with design, sales, and social media decisions early on. She even took to social media to address criticism. Thanks to her insights, the company has since improved customer service and their inventory technology.


Speaking of technology, it is one of the primary ways in which the brand has experienced so much success (triple digits and double digits in growth every year). Boasting over 1.2 million customers to date, Fabletics has taken the old model of physical department stores and flipped the “showroom” model on its head. Instead of customers walking in, looking around, and walking out without purchasing (only to go online and get it cheaper from somewhere else), they do the opposite at Fabletics.


There a couple of reasons for this. First, the company decided early on they would use the power of data. They focused on their online presence with social media, marketing, great images, and proper clothing design to build interest and customer loyalty. Secondly, because they work through a membership program, their customer adherence is also higher. Therefore, when enough customers reside in a certain geographical location based on their collected data, Fabletics opens up a retail store there and specifically puts inventory that is popular with those customers. The result is that the customer is coming into the store with knowledge of what to expect and an intent to buy already. In an age where major retailers are going out of business and closing down stores every day, it appears Fabletics is onto something.

Grain free Beneful is beneficial

Grains are undergoing processes that are making everyone sick. Mass production methods are causing both you and your furry friend to reap the anti-health benefits that come with the corners that are being cut by industries. Most grains grown today are covered with large quantities of toxic sprays, and they undergo different cultivation processes. Hybridizing grains has become standard procedure for growers, the result is a grain that is lacking the germ that hold it’s nutrient value. All of this tampering with food is causing humans and animals to feel the side effects. Dogs allergies are becoming rampant: particularly skin allergies that cause itching, loss of fur, intestinal problems, or worse. Gluten intolerance is becoming more common in dogs then ever, so as responsible dog owners, we need to pay attention. Feeding them foods that aggravate their allergies can shorten their life span and ruin the quality of life for your companion. Beneful has a solution, Beneful grain free dog food offers food that reduces the risk to your pet by cutting out the gluten, so dogs can be healthy. The first ingredient is chicken, and the rest is all good for your pet; added berries, seeds, and proteins, not filers and toxins that make your dog sick. The result is a balanced nutritional dog food that makes dogs feel good. When our furry companions feels good, we feel good too. Choosing the healthy choice now can prevent more vet visits and sad endings and what Beneful knows.

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How Does Duda Melzer Plan To Run RBS Group?

RBS Group is the telecommunications leader in Brazil, and the company has quite a high profile that many people have used in the past for services. They are keeping pace with the current climate in technology, and they have a new CEO in Duda Melzer. This article explains how Duda and his staff will expand the company, offer services to all Brazilians and ensure the success of the family business.


#1: Duda’s Path


Duda became the CEO of RBS Group after many years doing other jobs within the company. He knows that the people who are working under him have been through similar experiences as him, and he has the expertise to speak to each part of the business. This is a family tradition that has ensured he is ready to do the finest work possible.


#2: Who Needs Better Services?


All Brazilians need services for their homes and offices, and they must use RBS Group because it provides the best opportunity to enjoy a better service with a clearer signal. Anyone who is using RBS Group today is spending less money for a better service than they had in the past.


#3: The Business Services


RBS Group is committed to Brazilian business because they have seen it expand many times over in the past. Duda wishes to ensure that the company will have enough capacity to serve the many large businesses that are coming to the nation, and he will continue to work with his staff to build something that is worthwhile to everyone. Visit Odiario to know more.


RBS Group and Duda Melzer are teams that will help improve telecom services in Brazil for the foreseeable future. The company will grow as it offers more services to people who need them, and it will help Brazil’s economy thrive in the technology age. Check out


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Sheldon Lavin Friend Of Family Owned Business

Sheldon Lavin is the present CEO of the OSI group. He credits his success to an academic background in accounting and finance. Lavin became involved in the meat processing company in 1970 when OSI was Otto & Sons, a family owned meatpacking company that was established in 1909 by the Kolchowsky family in Chicago, IL as the Midwestern meat supplier.

Lavin began as a consultant for the Kolchowsky family in hopes of eventually becoming a partner. In five years, Otto & Sons began to consider tapping the overseas market. It was around this time the father had retired and passed the company responsibilities into the hands of his two sons. Sheldon Lavin was named a partner in the company because of all the help he gave to the company over the past several years. Otto & Sons became OSI Industries in 1975. In 1995, Sheldon Lavin named CEO of OSI Industries.

Since Sheldon Lavin became CEO, he has won the Global Visionary Award many times. The Global Visionary Award is an award given to extraordinary businessmen with the best vision and ability to improve their company’s business. The Global Visionary Award was established in India in 2011. Lavin won the Global Visionary Award in 2015 and in 2016.

Sheldon Lavin has won other awards in addition to the Global Visionary Award. In 2016, Mr. Lavin was the recipient of the Globe of Honor presented by the British Safety Council. Forbes business magazine named OSI the 136th largest company in North America back in 2O11. Five years later, OSI was named the 58th largest American company according to Forbes magazine. Lavin’s proud to have 20,000 employees globally. In the 1970s, OSI Group had expanded to different regions, North America and in Europe. By the 1980s, OSI expanded to include Taiwan and South Africa. Recently, OSI has extended their services to China, the Philippines, and Australia.

Sheldon Lavin decided to share his success with the unfortunate. He is an active contributor to such charities as the Ronald McDonalds House, the United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and more.

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Goettl Wants To Keep You Cool This Summer

Get It Done With Goettl

Goettl offers up some pretty important and money saving tips in order to keep you cool this summer. I’m sure we’ve all felt the temperatures rise by an unexpected amount this year and most of us are still struggling for ways to cool down. The first and most obvious thing to remember when it comes to your AC unit, is that regular maintenance is very important. You have to stay up to date on routine maintenance checks for things like filter replacements and possible leaks. These small repairs will end up saving you money in the long run. It’s cheaper to pay small amounts along the way than it is to completely replace an HVAC system.

Another tip for beating the heat is to keep your ceiling fans on. Fans are a great source for circulation. Combine that with your AC unit and you actually make the AC system work a lot less. You might want to also consider swapping out your old school thermostat for a digital one. They can give more accurate temperature readings and give you the ease of controlling the temperature of your house while on the go.

The HVAC heating and cooling company Goettl focuses primarily on AC units located in Arizona. The company was originally founded by two brothers but later taken over by Ken Goodrich. The companies main goal is to only have to do a job once. They believe in giving customers the best quality and value work the first time around so that you don’t waste money. They even offer up a copious amount of tips to help your units last longer and work more efficiently. If you have any AC problems this summer, Goettl is definitely one of the first companies you need to check out.

Angeles de Frontera: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Angels

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established village voice media in 1970, an unconventional weekly journal in Phoenix, Arizona. Lacey and Larkin were the novelists who were currently jailed for what village voice media promoted.

Village Voice media had many law cases, until 2007 when the tables had turned after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s arrests for a breach of the grand jury secrecy laws according to Joe Arpaio, Maricopa county sheriff .This suit contributed an appropriate finale to their old business after the charges against them were dropped by lawyer Andrew Thomas.

Lacey and Larkin proceeded to sue Arpaio, and his attorney, Dennis Wilenchik for breach of their First Amendment. In 2012, the 9th U.S. Circuit of appeals ruled there was no probable cause for the arrest because contrary to the claim, wilenchik didn’t actually recieve counsel from a grand jury.

The case was later settled by Maricopa County and Lacey causing Larkin and Lacey to acquire the sum of $3.75 million. This settlement was utilized to build up the Frontera fund , which helps the Hispanic people of Phoenix, AZ.​ Learn more about Jim Larkin:

​One association directly affiliated with Lacey and Larkin’s La Frontera fund is The Border Angels, likewise known as ‘Angeles de Frontera’. A philanthropic syndicate situated in San-Diego that was established by Enrique Morones in 1986. Similar to La Frontera, it fundamentally concentrations on the rights of immigrants.

Border angels take part in group training and mindfulness programs that include guided hikes to put water along courses frequented by migrants. In addition they explore the historical background of the US-Mexico borders and seek to experience its fences directly.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin likewise acknowledge San Diego County’s immigration populace through different deportation projects. For example, Day Laborer’s volunteer and free legal help program is held in the office of the Border angels every Tuesday. Their attempts to sprinkle some truth on the different narratives shrouding the movement of immigrants in the United States and to return to us the justice we’ve lost along the way.

The Border Angels was also a dynamic group that participated around the immigration crisis period of 2014, which raised the percentage of unaccompanied youth traveling from Central America while looking for access into the United States.

Border Angels​ made a donation of over 45 tons of books, toys, clothing, and food to the immigrants, and also, its voluntary workers stood against the hostile anti-immigration movement who protested migrants in an attempt to ban the landing of huge amounts of immigrants for data processing in Riverside County.

One association directly affiliated with Lacey and Larkin’s La Frontera fund is The Border Angels, likewise known as ‘Angeles de Frontera’. A philanthropic syndicate situated in San-Diego that was established by Enrique Morones in 1986. Similar to La Frontera, it fundamentally concentrations on the rights of immigrants. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The Border Angels is an association that strongly supports unbiased views against social injustice. For the most part the non-profit organization concentrates on human rights as well as immigration law reform. They are well known for rescuing immigrants and creating for them new lives .

Border angels take part in group training and mindfulness programs that include guided hikes to put water along courses frequented by migrants. In addition, they explore the historical background of the US-Mexico borders and seek to experience its fences directly.

They likewise acknowledge San Diego County’s immigration populace through different deportation projects. For example, Day Laborer’s volunteer and free legal help program is held in the office of the Border angels every Tuesday. Their attempts to sprinkle some truth on the different narratives shrouding the movement of immigrants in the United States and to return to us the justice we’ve lost along the way.

The Border Angels was also a dynamic group that participated around the immigration crisis period of 2014, which raised the percentage of unaccompanied youth traveling from Central America while looking for access into the United States.