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Academy of Art University Graduate Is Chosen For Major Marvel Blockbuster

Avengers: Infinity War has been an undeniable success for Marvel Studios, both financially and critically. The comic-book action blockbuster had an all-time record-breaking opening weekend, bringing in a grand total of $640.9 million globally. As of May 31, the Avengers sequel has raked in a colossal $1.92 billion total worldwide.

With an overall Rotten Tomatoes score of 83% from critics and 91% from audiences, it seems Infinity War is sending moviegoers home thoroughly entertained as well. The Marvel Cinematic Universe attracts thousands upon thousands with its depictions of super-powered beings in fantastic versions of our world and beyond.

Stories like these take the minds and talents of creative individuals to tell on the big screen. One such individual is Jan Philip Cramer, the head of animation at Digital Domain, which does visual effects for feature films and other immersive entertainment.

Cramer is also a graduate from the Academy of Art University, and the Academy is proud to announce that he was hired by Marvel to serve as animation supervisor for Avengers: Infinity War.

The Academy of Art University is a private art school founded in San Francisco in 1929. Established by the creative director of Sunset Magazine, Richard S. Stephens, the university’s mission is to prepare aspiring students to become professionals in the fields of design, communication, and the arts.

The Academy offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 30 fields of study, as well as certificate and portfolio development programs, all covering just about every aspect of the performing arts.

Cramer obtained his BFA from the Academy’s School of Animation and Visual Effects in 2004. Since then, Cramer has lent the VFX and animation skills he’s learned to a number of noteworthy films, including: Avatar, Deadpool, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Cramer credits much of his success to the mentors he had at the Academy. The Academy of Arts University prides itself on employing a faculty of successful professionals currently working in the industry to foster an innovative learning environment.

“I’m very happy I studied there because it gave me a well-rounded perspective on art,” Cramer told the Academy. “Not just visual effects. The experience grew me as an artist.” Cramer will get to continue to live out his dream when he works to help bring Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel to the big screen.

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