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Malcolm CasSelle is Growing an Industry Singlehandedly

Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX is the new juggernaut in the blockchain community. While other blockchain entrepreneurs believe they can change the world, convincing people to give up their cash and trade bonds, stocks, and other things with crypto cash, Malcolm CasSelle understands his audience – gamers, and he is marketing to them perfectly. He is providing gamers all over the world with away to get around Forex problems and security issues, allowing them to use the WAX platform to conduct safe trade with other gamers from all over the world.

WAX differs from most other cryptocurrencies in many ways. For one, it is actually operational. Most blockchain companies lure in users, promising them a future that is luxurious and grand. WAX doesn’t campaign this way; WAX already has a platform, and its currency, WAX Tokens, are already in use by people all over the world. While other cryptocurrencies are still trying to convince people to use their coins, WAX is already working the way it was intended.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and holds degrees from MIT and Stanford. He is an expert in computer science, learning from two of the greatest schools in the entire world.

His first business venture was NetNoir, an Afrocentric culture website that first went live in 1995. This was CasSelle’s entry into the media world, but eventually, he was given an important role at Tribune Publishing, a giant in the publishing industry.

CasSelle also works at OPSkins, the pioneer of the peer to peer video game asset trading industry. OPSkins offers assets for some of the most popular games out today. They have items for CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG. This is how CasSelle got into the industry, and with WAX, he intends to further grow the industry, creating a streamlined process to trade video game items for real cash.

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