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William Saito’s Contribution to Technology

William Saito is a man who has not only been involved with technology industry, but also politics. He grew up in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the United States. His love for computers and technology was apparent at a very young age. He grew up in the early age of the internet, when nobody knew exactly what it would become, and that aspect fascinated him. An article on the website Hi-Tech Chronicle gives an overview of the life of William Saito.


During college, William Saito wasted no time in founding his company I/O Software. At this time the internet was slow, but spreading into the everyday population. A lucky break came when NEC, Japanese computer company, wanted to visit. William Saito and his friends brought supplies to make their space look like an office. The visit was a success and I/O Software soon became popular among Japanese developers. From this point onward, he was basically a CEO whom just happened to be in college.


By the year 2000, William Saito made a deal with Sony to utilize I/O Software. They were tasked with developing the first biometric software sphere. This would be a fingerprint recognition security feature. It was difficult for developers to create a process to analyze the tiny individual details of a fingerprint, but this product proved very successful for both parties. Sony entered the computer market, while I/O Software got a massive reputation boost.


There are few entrepreneurs who get their start as early as William Saito did. He grew up with the advent of the internet and wanted to be at the forefront of the growing industry. His ability to stay curious and innovate would be the business skill that’s kept him on top. While his devotion to his vision keeps the team on track. He earned the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1997, and has never looked back.

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