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The Characters Of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Reflect Real-Life People

Sean Penn likes to allow his creative juices to flow freely. This is why he decided to write Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Writing books, according to Penn, allows a person more freedom than participating in the movie industry does because in the film industry, one must collaborate. The Academy Award winner says that collaboration could turn your movie idea into something other than what you wanted it to be. After a while, Penn grew weary of collaboration and searched for a way to express himself fully. He found this outlet through writing.

Sitting at his kitchen table for an interview, the former film director tells of how he wrote his first book. While the traditional way to write a book is to literally write each word by hand or to type it up, Penn took a different route in creating his book: he dictated it. Dictating wasn’t originally his method of choice. He would have preferred to use his typewriter. However, typewriters have been replaced by computers, making them obsolete, so ribbons are no longer being produced for them.

This is what led Penn to verbally write his book. The first version of his book was a very short audio book by the name of Pappy Pariah. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a longer, more complex version of the audio book that incorporates more stories. More stories lead to more controversies, however, and Penn’s book has been met with rave reviews as well as negative ones. While friends, such as Sarah Silverman, love and recommend the book, others refer to it as “crazy.”

No matter what people think of his book, Penn wants everyone to know that the book is a work of fiction and should be seen as such, no matter how closely the characters resemble real-life people. In fact, some of the main characters resemble high-profile individuals.


  • Bob Honey resembles his creator, Sean Penn.
  • The landlord resembles America’s president, Donald Trump. The audio version of this book debuted in 2016, the year Trump was elected president.
  • Fletcher, a drug lord, is akin to the infamous El Chapo.

Because Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is so different from what many people are used to reading, this story is one for the books.

Just remember to keep a dictionary handy when you grab your copy.

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