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Jeff Herman & The Herman Law:

Jeff Herman is an American Lawyer who specializes in helping sexual abuse cases. He was born in 1959 and has always been passionate about helping others in regards to this subject. Jeff Herman is a compassionate man who is a great advocate for those who have suffered from rape or any sexual assault. His firm is able to help navigate through all of the emotions that could possibly be around in cases like these. The Herman Law Firm is a confidential place where they are determined to being able to help the victims move on and continue their day to day life back in society. They offer free consultation to discuss what the best options would be.

Jeff Herman decided to practice when he was younger and has been doing so since 1985. Later on in his law career he decided that he wanted to focus mainly on sexual abuse cases. This became his main point of focus and since has been able to help many people who have suffered from this situation. Jeff Herman has represented a case that went against the Catholic Archdioceses and he was able to win the case based on his strategic methods. In 2006, he took on a big case that involved a congressman. He also been able to represent victims who were teens and were going against of billionaires. This shows that Jeff Herman has the knowledge and the ability and skills to be able to take in big cases. His main concern is about helping others and being able to help the victims re integrate into society. Jeff Herman has worked hard all of his life and has shown much dedication through out his life. His hard work, dedication and strategic methods should be admired and looked up to.

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