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Why Most Progressive Campaigns Are Turning to NGP VAN

Campaigns are becoming more sophisticated with time and have moved from employing analog techniques to relying on technology. Campaigns are faced with the need to identify the latest trends in technology and utilize them to acquire an edge over their competitors. This also ensures a smooth and successful campaign. NGP VAN is a software firm that provides campaign software and technological support to labor unions, the Democratic Party and other progressive campaigns in the United States and Canada.


The company which is headquartered in Washington DC prides itself on its innovative technology tools that can be used by campaigns to create an interaction with supporters exclusively. This enables campaigns to work faster and progress smoothly with minimal hitches. The firm has worked on the campaigns of Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders among others.


NGP VAN utilizes a modern voter model based on using data analytics to link campaigns to their supporters. This saves time for the campaigns that traditionally depended on manual strategies that are time and labor intensive. The most popular successes of this voter model is how NGP VAN helped the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012. It also allows candidates to come up with campaigns that take into consideration the attitudes, likes, political opinions of voters and the changes they desire in their leadership.


Through providing networking platforms, NGP VAN enables campaign organizers and supporters to hold meetings and solicit votes by using digital mobilization strategies. The MiniVAN phone application, for instance, ensures campaign organizers have an easy time with data and entry saves them time because instead of relying on door-to-door efforts, supporters with phones can download the applications and feed their data into it. The app can also help campaigns to collect and keep track of contributions efficiently.


To keep up with the emerging trends in technology, the software company recently added a new tool on the MiniVAN app called ‘Street Team Canvassing.’ The mobile phone application allows campaign volunteers and organizers to collect contacts and names of supporters at rallies or demonstrations. This helps campaigns straightforwardly build their voter base.


NGP VAN acknowledges the essence of including the gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender opinions in society and has recently launched a friendlier platform for this group. It has opted out of the traditional use of male or female gender labels to non-binary gender terms in supporter’s contact records. This allows campaigns to address and define their supporters accurately.

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