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Anil Chaturvedi Brings to Light many Profitable Business Ideas for Foreign Nations

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker charged with convincing other nations and banks to invest in the Indian economy, businesses. And government. He believes India is a strong country and doesn’t have any risks of economic collapse that’s happened in many countries like Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela are all kinds of economic problems. Of the emerging market countries India has had their ruby the currency is very stable. It depreciated worse by the dollar but aappreciated the euro. So when a European company makes an investment into India and that investment appreciates not only in terms of of 15 to 20 percent it arrives at the same time your currency also gains and there’s a win, win for the companies. Anil discussed how India started going and meeting companies there we felt that there is an opportunity and people’s eyes really opened up.

Anil also discussed the banks focuses such as renewable energy. They’re working on several projects on solar and wind power. India is suffering from power shortages and serious pollution and therefore the government has taken upon a very big step up in tackling the issue. India is going to implement a large number of renewable energy projects German. He encourages partnership as they already are working with other companies in Holland, France, and Denmark anywhere in the renewable energy field.

One more issur which is very critical to India is that we do have a lot of people about 30 person of the ideas population is below the poverty line. It is criminal to know that India too deep or it even though it’s the largest producer of food grains dairy and agricultural products nearly 23 percent of india’s food goes into waste and the reason is improper transportation, and warehousing facilities. A huge opportunity for European companies to get into the food processing industry and a powerful area to focus on.

Lost just because they don’t have proper warehousing storage and proper refrigerated trucks.

Anil also wants to focus on and already are the dairy industry. Companies from France and Holland largely because both these countries are very good in products so this is in a nutshell where we’re seeing opportunities from Europe going into India. Anil will keep bringing forth great ideas because of his years of expertise as a seasoned banker.

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