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The lifetime achievement award received by Robert Ivy

At his time at American Institute of Architects, there is a lot that Robert Ivy has achieved. He is the CEO of the company. In 2010, by the national architecture fraternity, he was named the “master architect.” The award is mostly given to the people that are well known to do their job well in architecture. The most recent recognition that he received is from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture who they rewarded him with the medal. The leadership that he offers the American Institute of Architect has been able to help the firm in growing the global footprint. For the company, there are at their highest membership level that is at the moment 160 year old. In fact, he has overseen so many structural causes that have been noticed by the Mississippi Institute. The Noah Polk lifetime achievement award was recently given to him by the organization. The award mostly goes to the people that care about the art and still have a connection with Mississippi, and the Ivy was the first architect to get the award. Nancy LaForge, the MIAL president, was happy about the selection because when it comes to the solid discipline in the Mississippi Robert Ivy has achieved so much.

There have been so many other people that have received the award, such notable people like Eudora Welty as the writer in 2001, Morgan Freeman who is an actor in 2007, Shelby Foote who is the writer too in 2004 and many others. Mississippi no one has done more compared with Robert Ivy. She added that for Ivy he had done everything to gain the position in the list of the award winners.

So many people have referred Robert Ivy as the “worthy ambassador” generally by the architecture colleagues. Before Robert started his job at the American Institute of Architects in 2011, he was working at McGraw-Hill, and in the same company, he was involved in so many projects in China as the architecture. As his time at the company, he was lucky to be able to be included in the launch of the Mandarin version of the magazine. In the Middle East Robert Ivy has been involved with so many things. The award will be given to him on June 2nd. All through his career path, he has been a humble person, and that’s why he is happy to be in the company of Andrew Cary Young that is the famed stained designer of glass.

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