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How Talk Fusion can help increase profitability in a company through their Talk Fusion app

Talk Fusion is a relatively new company in the market that seeks to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses communicate with their clients. The company was founded by Bob Reina who serves as the Chairman and the CEO of the company. Talk Fusion is marketed via the network marketing business model. Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has been changing the email marketing industry by offering businesses with a platform and tools to market their businesses. With the Talk Fusion app, a company can send video emails instead of the ordinary text emails.

According to Bob Reina, an average person receives an average of 88 emails every day. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t even read these emails as they consider them boring and a waste of time. Most of the people end up marketing them as spam. Bob Reina says that to stand out from the crowd, a business must come up with a unique way of reaching out to their clients.

Talk Fusion offers a platform that is more convenient and cheaper. Therefore, the companies can save advertisement costs and increase their profit margins. Besides, talk Fusion app allows users to send personalized videos to their recipients. The app comes with many features that allow for editing before sending to the recipients.

Video emails are more persuasive compared to the traditional email texts. It gives users an opportunity to read emotions and get the real picture of an advertisement. The Talk Fusion app also allows for live streaming. You can send an already recorded video or stream live to the contacts.

Talk Fusion products

For the last ten years, Bob Reina has focused on building software and tools that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. Their main aim is to transform video and communication industry and create a platform that will meet the needs of modern businesses. Some of their popular products include:

Video Email– it’s a tool that allows users to create eye-catching video emails for their businesses. The app features professionally built templates.

Video Newsletter– this feature helps your business to attract more potential clients by creating video Newsletters.

Live meetings– it helps to ease communication in an organization by integrating PowerPoint and live chat.

Video Chat: this feature functions like FaceTime or Skype. It gives users the opportunity to chat live with their contacts. Learn more:

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