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Robert Deignan Is An Ethical Entrepreneur And A Successful Businessman

Robert Deignan is an entreprenuer and a successful business owner. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of ICE or Inbound Call Experts. The company is now called ATS Digital Services and was founded in August of 2011. Robert Deignan is well educated and from 1992 until 1995 he attended Purdue University. He graduated with his Organizational Leadership BS.

ATS Digital Services has announced their certification by the AppEsteem Corporation. They are the first call center to receive this certification. ATS provides consumer software applications with premium support services. The founders of AppEsteem were veterans of Microsoft security. ATS met the 39 parameters for call center verification required by AppEsteem. Technical support services have been provided by ATS to hundreds of thousands of clients through remote access and over the phone.

Robert Deignan is the Chief Executive Office for the company. He stated the backbone of the company is a consumer focused and comprehensive compliance. He spoke of the beginning of the review process in January. He said most of the requirements for AppEsteem had already been met. This was when he made the decision to make the commitment to become certified.

The process began when Robert Deignan signaled the regulators, security companies and software vendors they were operating at the highest possible level regarding practices and operations designed to be friendly to the consumer. AppEsteem bases the requirements for call centers on the input from security companies, government regulators, call centers, law enforcement, the software industry and consumer groups. These regulations protect the customers while building a healthier, more sustainable software industry.

The reason Robert Deignan was interested in certification was to be verified with the credentials of an important organization such as AppEsteem. The company is delighted with the association with AppEsteem. They are looking forward to the progress they will make due to the support and guidance provided. Unscrupulous call centers have spent a long period of time frightening, exploiting and over selling the consumer when contact is made for computer software help. ATS hopes to identify and shut down the bad call centers to help prevent these practices.

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