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UTC has the run of the decade

The United Technologies Corporation was successfully run by Louis Chenevert for many years. When he came on he was only functioning as the chief executive officer in 2006. However, after performing so well he was also given the role of president in April 2008. In order to give them more control over the daily cycle of work he was also granted the role of chairman in 2010 by the board of directors.

The United Technologies Corporation paid him a handsome sum for all that he had done. He received a compensation package totaling around $22 million a year. This was given to him in the form of salary and a cash bonus and stock options and other compensations. His skills were shown when he was able to acquire Goodrich aerospace for a record-breaking $18 billion. This would not only change the course of United Technologies Corporation but aerospace history as well.

He worked with the company and the Board of Directors to create a product cycle that lasted 30 years. This attention to customer needs and a passion to deliver game changing products allowed his company to innovate truly life-changing products.

In the military sector there were able to create the F135 engine. This was the kind of propulsion that the military needed and further refined what jet engines were capable of doing. They also were able to enhance the GTF engine. They may have burned more efficiently by 20%, reduce the noise created by 50%, and gave it 30% more longevity in its lifespan. They leverage new technology for airplanes so that they created more narrow body segments in the Airbus A3 20, Bombardier C-Series, and the new generation Embracer.

They also used an opportunity to destroy the monopoly Rolls-Royce had in large business. This came for the creation of the Gulfstream G 500 and G 600.

They continued their decade-long contract with the United States government by producing helicopters at twice the rate of other companies at the Sikorsky plant.

He credits his success to his passion for focus and being eternally optimistic and being quite the innovator.

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