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An End of the Just and Fair World as We Know It

In October 2017, Susan Bolton a U.S. District Judge validated the presidential pardon that President Trump gave to Joe Arpaio. Arpaio who is the former sheriff of Maricopa County was convicted for having ignored orders from a federal judge on a racial profiling lawsuit. The presidential pardon was offered several weeks before his sentence.

This ruling has closed the chapter on the outrageous 2007 arrests of Jim Larkin and Michal Lacey, former co-owners of the Phoenix New Times.

While Larkin and Lacey were working at New Times, they managed to cover and expose scandals of the 24-year long Arpaio reign. Lacey perceives Donald Trump’s actions on this matter as those of a moron. Arpaio was known for his torture and racist actions over minority groups.

Regardless of President Trump’s involvement in the matter, many believed that Arpaio would not be jailed for the heinous actions brought against him.

The American justice system thanks to its loopholes would reach a conclusion of charging Arpaio with contempt of court since he ignored the judge’s instructions then, instead of having him held accountable for the loss of lives and torture inflicted to people under his watch. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Larkin and Lacey had revealed operations the former Drug Enforcement Administration officer, Arpaio, was involved in. He had branded himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. This was thanks to his inhuman treatment of inmates.

Arpaio would feed them rotten fruit, uncooked food, and have them dress in pink underwear and striped jumpsuits. He would even deputize volunteer citizens to take part in his unlawful bidding. Arpaio would have female chain gangs dispatched to clean up county roads.

The New Times got to uncover the infamous Tent City where Arpaio opted to address the overcrowding of jails by having inmates in tents. At these tents, prisoners would have to endure mistreatment by being beaten savagely whenever they disobeyed and expectant women would be chained to their beds while giving birth.

Wrongful deaths were a common thing as inmates would die due to being denied access to medication, others would die after riots in prison and due to suffocation that was brought about by being strapped to restraint chairs. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Arpaio used his authority to wrongfully arrest and persecute political critics and rivals of the state of the attorney general’s Board of Supervisors. He also launched an investigation to prove that President Obama had a fake birth certificate. He was also notorious for paying informants to investigate officials in the courts.

In 2007, he unconstitutionally ordered his deputies to round up all Latinos so as to find out if they were in the country legally. If not they were to be deported to their country.

Michael Lacey moved to the state of Arizona in the late 1960s for his studies. He joined the Arizona State University and later dropped out in 1970 after he and a pair of students published an article on campus antiwar protests.

Jim Larkin, on the other hand, dropped out of the Arizona State University in 1972 over the same media coverage as Lacey on student antiwar protests. With both Lacey and Larkin at the helm of the Phoenix New Times after dropping out of school, the free paper grew popularity and prominence at the then national list of alternative newspapers.

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