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MB2 Dental and Dr. Chris Villanueva Innovate the Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental which helps gives practitioners the support they need. It’s quickly spread to over seventy locations across the country. In an interview with Dr. Villanueva went over his day about how he stays productive. He is a self proclaimed night owl and thinks the best in the middle of the night when his mind clears. He credits surrounding himself with really smart people to get the ideas going and bring them to fruition. A habit he says helps him keep up productivity is not taking himself too seriously. Sometimes he just has to laugh at himself and keep a fun environment at work. If he had it to do again he says he would build up an infrastructure sooner than he did. He says it’s important for entrepreneurs to take the time to reflect on themselves.

This means a good work and life balance, something that can be easily forgotten when you get really business. He says that in the beginning his success was driven by the fact he knew the business had to be built on people. The doctors were the important part then could come the other things like real estate and software. MB2 Dental is allowing doctors to work together to accomplish more than they would on their own. According to an article from an interview on the future of dentistry lies within MB2 and their innovative practices. In the interview Dr. Villanueva says, “his initial plan was to get a bunch of doctors together and demand the same benefits cooperate groups had.” He says autonomy for the doctors in the network is an important part of what makes the company work so well.

Things like instant online forums allow doctors to share what works for them day to day. The offices that want to use the company still have final say in their brand, and just use MB2 to give them advice that they can choose to follow. He says the company allows doctors to focus on the care the patients get and not worry so much about the operating problems. It is able to help promote standards of operations for practices to help them grow and keep their customers and themselves happy. In the end the company is in place to keep the practitioners happy, but it ends up greatly benefiting the patients the doctors are taking care of.

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