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PSI Pay Survives

PSI Pay is a company based out of the UK that provides digital account and payment card facilities. Phil Davies joined PSI Pay as an advisor in 2010, which got appointed to the board in 2011. Before this job, he spent 8 years as a MasterCard Worldwide Vice-President of Business Development where he started new products involving the use of better technology. He implemented strategic partnerships that were to enhance growth in many European countries. As Phil Davies is a managing director of Psi-pay, he says of Kerv “As alternative payments go Kerv has to be one of the most innovative, exciting and useful solutions available. There is no doubt that the market is now embracing these revolutionary payment applications and we are proud to be partnering with Kerv and being able to share in its inevitable success.” Kerve and PSI Pay are partnered to create a new payment device with a more convenient edge to it than previous solutions available on the market right now.

2015 was Psi Pay’s best financial year with business volumes increasing to 29%, income up by 45%, and pre-tax profits to 5.5%. PSI-Pay announced a 15% revenue increase. PSI Pay’s business endeavors are based in the ability to manage situations involving MasterCard, such as reporting, settlement, as well as approvals. The FCA is a UK-based organization that regulates firms that provide services to consumers. PSI Pay offers a protected client account and the ICA is a four-to-six digit identification assigned by Mastercard. There is flexibility with Psi-pay’s ability to allow customers to choose their own processing partners. All Mastercard fees are sent to the programme manager, and the manager is allowed to use a card of his choosing. What makes PSI-Pay products different is that PSI-Pay diligently monitors their situation, and it is different because PSI-Pay offers more choices as an alternative to banking.

PSI Pay has planned for the strategic exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Brexit means that stability may ensue. PSI Pay is unable to reveal their plans at this time but customers can be reassured, we are adapting to the changing circumstances of the times. Safety is looked after because the customer must maintain possession of their card, each transaction is encrypted with a unique code, and safeguards are in place to bill only once. PSI Pay may have a social media presence but it is minimal. The future of PSI Pay looks bright.

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