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Talkspace Creator Talks about the Rise in Subscribers since the Election of Donald Trump

There has been a spike in the number of people seeking therapy since President Donald Trump was elected. People, especially from the minority and the LGBTQ groups are becoming stressed and anxious about their future since the new administration came into power. Even though people were suffering from depression and anxiety even before the election, many are seeing worsening cases since the Election Day. Even though the millennial generation has always known to take more stress than their predecessor, it seems that the election results have triggered new worries in them. But, there has also been a rise in people opting for online therapy through Talkspace rather than going for the traditional therapies with professionals in their offices.

Talkspace allow its users to get online therapy via messaging or video chats from qualified and licensed therapists on the go. The millennial generation is looking for someone they can quickly talk to via a medium that they are comfortable with and Talkspace offers them just that. According to online therapists, more and more people are talking about politics with them and how it is leading to stress. Many are complaining that they are getting angrier and are lashing out at their family members. Even though the creator of Talkspace believes that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump becoming the President, the numbers prove otherwise. There has been an eight-time increase in the number of people registering with Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the unique online therapy apps that allow people to speak to therapists in the comfort of their homes. There is no need to step out or let anyone know that you are going to therapy for any problems. These apps are great for people who cannot afford the high cost of traditional treatments or those without insurance coverage for therapy.


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