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David McDonald And The Rise Of The OSI Group

David McDonald, the president and COO of the OSI Group, is a proud graduate of Iowa State University. After he got his bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987, he remained closely involved with the school. Two of his six children attend the university and he made generous donations to scholarship programs there. Plus, he’s intimately involved in the school’s entrepreneurship program, helped establish internship opportunities at the OSI Group for its students and took some of them to visit the company’s facilities in China.

Born and raised in Iowa, David McDonald grew up on a farm. His interest in biology and agriculture led him to major in animal science. Since that time McDonald has spent over 30 years with the food processing company the OSI Group. He has played a major role in making them a major force in the global food industry. His ability to work with local distributors in 80 countries and help the company create specialty foods for the diverse taste of people from cultures the world over, allowed the OSI Group to be embraced by consumers in North, South and Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

McDonald’s expertise with logistics, ability to handle infrastructure and technical issues and unmatched skill in dealing with government agencies throughout the world have been instrumental in the company’s growth. He also played a significant role in establishing the OSI Group’s lucrative business relationships in China. Now the country’s leading poultry processer, the OSI Group built 10 poultry processing plants there. David McDonald also helped the company acquire Baho Foods and Flagship Europe and expand the OSI Group’s customer base on the European continent.

Focused on formulating effective strategies, establishing powerful relationships and finding solutions for any challenges the company faces, David McDonald has become a key figure in the OSI Group’s growth and profitability. By helping the company to remain flexible and produce the highest quality products to satisfy their global customer base, McDonald has proven his worth to the company. His entrepreneurial passion, can-do work ethic and winning budgetary, product development and leadership decisions are proof-positive David McDonald is a top food processing industry executive.

McDonald, who also serves as the North American Meat Institute’s chairman, says the book ‘Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective’ has enhanced his ability to do business in foreign countries. The book offers theoretical insights and practical advice he applies to business interactions.

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