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The Middle Age Warfare Weapon-Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient warfare weapon that was used in the medieval period by troops to fight their opponents. The war machine was first developed by the Chinese engineers during the 4th century for attacking their enemies. It was used to cause massive destructions to the walls of the enemies and cause injury by hurling stones. The loads shot by the Trabuco varied where they would often use large rocks, sometimes fired carcasses of animals, fireballs, human skulls and dead infected bodies. They believed that firing dead infected bodies would spread ailments to the enemy.

Trabuco Mechanisms

The Trabuco mechanism was a developed kind of a sling or the catapult. Its mechanism used the same analogy to that of a sling in a more advanced technique for the accommodation of a more massive missile. Further, the war machine hurled the objects through some simple physics that involved turning the potential energy to kinetic energy to fire projectiles. However, not all power was used to fuel the velocity of the projectile as some of the energy dissipated through gravitational pull and friction.

Trabuco Usage

The first Trabuco was known as the traction Trabuco which was very involving in its usage. Again, the Trabuco machines were made in different sizes where there were large and small sizes and fired loads depending on their sizes. Further, the larger Trabuco machines would fire up to loads of 140 pounds and approximately 800 meters away. Nonetheless, the traction Trabuco was a lot of work and required many people to operate it to effective launch a missile. At some instances, they required up to 250 individuals to work in synchrony to help launch the projectile. Consequently, because of the difficulty of its operations, the traction Trabuco was deserted according to

Furthermore, the Trabuco was in existence for more than 1000 years before Europeans acquired it in the 600 AD. It quickly became their favorite weapon, and it was developed further to use counterweight instead of using people and was known as the balancing Trabuco. Also, the weapon was used during crusades among Christian and Muslims during religious conflicts according to Nevertheless, the war machine became obsolete when more modern weapons were invented which are used to date and includes the guns and modern-day artillery.

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