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Jason Hope and the Anti-aging Research by SENS

The entrepreneur and technology commentator Jason Hope has been involved with the research on anti-aging, mainly with the SENS Research Foundation. He has been donating funds for the study and spreading the word about the SENS Research Foundation and its work on social media.

The SENS Research Foundation was started up by co-founder Aubrey de Grey who is also the Chief Science Officer of the organization. Last year, the SENS Research Foundation was the host of the annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. The event gathers experts from all around the country and world to discuss and share latest progress in the anti-aging research and to share new findings. Several diseases are usually targeted such as cancer, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, molecular damage, and cellular damage.

Since the SENS Research Foundation is a working non-profit, the organization depends on the generosity of scientists and researchers, as well as on investors who see the value in their work. Jason Hope made his first donation to the SENS Research Foundation back in 2010, giving $500 000. The sums were directed to the pool of funds to construct the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and to start a new research program.

Jason Hope cited the experts working in the research programs, reminding that diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect more than the mind, and so do lung diseases- they also affect more than the lungs. In fact, they jumpstart the premature breakdown of the body, including the accelerated aging of the cells.

The SENS Research Foundation has developed a program named AGE-breaker. It is dedicated to treatments of medication that can break down AGEs (advanced glycation end products). It is a metabolic waste, building up in the body and causing the body to degenerate. For many years, research on the topic has been leading somewhat nowhere, but the new generation of researchers have realized that there is a vast difference between the studies done on animals in contrast to a human that lives far longer than a mouse or a rabbit. Such differences, including the genetic makeup of the different species, has had researchers come up empty-handed.

Philanthropists, investors, and anyone who makes a donation has the power to enhance the abilities of researchers to conduct such studies and make progress in the field. Anti-aging is a favorite topic as it concerns just about anyone and science and medicine have been working towards unlocking its secrets

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