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Fabletics Has Taken Down The Giants

You can’t come away from talking about Fabletics without being amazed by the way the company has managed to turn itself into one of the most successful online retailers out there. It isn’t easy to compete against the likes of the new online giants, but somehow this company went from a small retailer to creating one of the most powerful athletic wear outlets around. Their key strategy revolves around the reverse showroom technique. Using this technique, it seems that Fabletics has managed to create an empire in an innovative way by taking the internet by its horns and going for a ride.


The reverse show room technique consist of getting people to look for products online and then taking them to an actual physical location. This gives them the advantages inherent to online marketing while also allowing them to utilize the advantages of a physical location. That isn’t something you would normally expect from a retailer, but it’s the reality that Fabletics has created. Now, you can actually walk into their brick and mortar locations in order to get a better idea of what they have to offer. It’s something people have wanted for years but now they’ll actually get it.


Kate Hudson is the genius behind this all and she continues to serve as an inspiration with her obsession with expanding Fabletics. Normally, celebrities rely on their star status to get anything, but she made it clear she was going to show her business acumen and use it to expand her brand her overall success. The strategy seems to have worked quite well and we have so many obvious examples of Hudson’s genius at work. The future is looking bright for this store and it’s likely that we will see others copy the techniques she used for themselves later on.


Fabletics is a model for other companies to copy and it’s only going to get bigger in the future. Clearly people have discovered something that works for them and they look her athletic wear. It’s only going to be a matter of time before we see other copycats show up and try to use the reverse showroom technique for themselves. The brand is emerging as one of the most important challenges to online retailers out there. There’s something about what Kate Hudson did that others want to copy. We’ll just need to look forward to it later down the road.

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