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Discovering Doe Deere and Her Beauty Empire

When it comes to self-expression, Doe Deere knows it best. Through her exciting beauty line called Lime Crime, she has allowed and encouraged other to self express through colorful hues and tones of cosmetics. She is quite the force of nature, dominating social media with her vibrant personality and trends. Doe Deere has always been creative and strong, which allowed her to find great success in Lime Crime, not only making millions but helping others become more comfortable with themselves.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but moved to the states as a teen, residing in New York City. Nearly every teenagers dream, she used the opportunity to start becoming an entrepreneur. She hand made temporary tattoos and sold them in the streets of New York, making an exciting profit. Before she decided to embark on this cosmetic journey, she was also a musician. The skill set was always there, but when she finally realized cosmetics was going to be the business route, there was no turning back.

Back when Doe was creating her line, it was during a time that a more natural look was trending, so this was certainly a risky move. She hoped that other women were wishing for more bold and unique makeup, and her hopes soon become a reality. People were impressed with the bright hues and fun colors, and her “story” could now be called an overnight success.

Not only did Doe inspire others to use color to self express, but that being their true selves was something to flaunt and be proud of. Doe constantly uses color to express herself, whether its her cosmetics, her hair or clothing. Lime Crime is the perfect way to find yourself in color, and from there to continue on your journey of self expression.

Doe is proof that your creative outlets and hobbies can turn into a successful business. Doe gained many fans called “unicorns” who could appreciate her putting her stamp on the cosmetic industry by being different. Many women and men struggle to find a way to express themselves but Doe makes it possible through Lime Crime. Learn more: 

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