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Mighty Fortress Church, A Good Place To Worship God

Mighty Fortress church is a fantastic place to worship God. The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been in the field of ministry for more than 30 years. He is the founder and the president of Mighty Fortress Church. His church is known for giving Christians of his congregation empowerment and encouragement. Bishop Thomas Williams is happily married with children. He really believes in spending a lot of time in the community, with family, with God, and within the church.

Mighty Fortress Church is a great church to be very active with. They have many different support and outreach groups that members and guest are more than welcomed to join. Mighty Fortress Church has a band and a choir that members are also welcomed to join. Mighty Fortress Church give their members different ways to be proactive in their spiritual lives. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church is also very diverse. They are many people who attend Mighty Fortress church who have different social backgrounds, different ethnicity backgrounds, different genders, and different political backgrounds as well. Everyone is welcome to attend, Mighty Fortress Church does not discriminate and neither does God!

All members are also welcomed to come dressed as they are. This means members are welcomed to come in jeans, skirts, dresses, business suits, or even jogging suits. Mighty Fortress Church does not judge any one. Everyone is welcomed to come and give praise to God no matter how or what you may be dressed in. Visit to know more.

Your life will change for the good after attending Mighty Fortress Church. Many people can testify that Bishop Thomas Williams genuinely helps them get closer with God. The main goal of the goal is to build the faith of members while helping them live a life that is full of Christ, and that is exactly what they do.

It is guaranteed that you won’t regret attending Mighty Fortress Church. All guest are welcomed to attend church service at anytime. Members of Mighty Fortress Church will welcome you with welcome arms. Mighty Fortress Church is truly one of a kind!


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