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Aloha Construction Brings Roofing and Siding Solutions To American Homes

When it comes to the overall care of a home, the two biggest considerations are the roofing and the siding. In fact, a poor roof or home siding can spell disaster for a home. And no one knows this better than a good exterior home contractor. For Aloha Construction, giving homeowners peace of mind is a top priority.

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction is one of the premier roofing and siding construction companies in the United States. The company uses a strict 9-step inspection process to identify issues with a homeowner’s roof. That ensures that the homeowner knows exactly what issues he or she needs to address.

The 9 step inspection process thoroughly checks everything from the possible damage to any shingles to attic ventilation and flashing. The project team can then find a solution to the client’s roofing needs complete with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty.

Speaking of craftsmanship, no one holds their licensed and bonded roofers and siding contractors to a higher standard than Aloha Construction. In fact, before any employee can work on a client’s project, the employee must complete a rigorous home improvement training course from the Vinyl Siding Institute. Once an employee becomes a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer, then they can work on a client’s project.

Another area of expertise is the company’s ability to protect a client’s home with a professional gutter and downspout installation system. Since the management of rainfall is critical to the exterior of a home, the company’s expert inspectors and contractors will help a client’s home stand up to the heaviest of rainfall seasons.

Since quality construction projects are a premium investment in the long-term durability of a home, Aloha Construction can provide a financial solution in case there is a care with any insurance company claim. Though a partnership with Synchrony Financial, homeowners can rest assured that they can find suitable financial options to get their project completed. Aloha Construction has helped thousands of homeowners protect and restore their greatest asset. As a top roofing and siding expert, the contractors, inspectors, and experts at Aloha Construction are ready to tackle any project, big or small.

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