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Interested In Investing In Bitcoin? Paul Mampilly May Change Your Mind

When people want advice about how to setup their own stock investing or trading accounts, Paul Mampilly is one man who is often solicited. Mampilly learned how to become quite adept at stock investing from his college days and from his experience in several of Manhattan’s biggest banks. But he left that scene and decided to start writing his own newsletters on investing so that people who didn’t have the usual Wall Street knowledge could learn it. Mampilly has focused on a lot of new apps and technology in his newsletters, and he also has new advice for investors about Bitcoin.

Paul Mampilly says Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are great developments because with most paper currencies being subject to volatile interest rates, Bitcoin is one way you can protect your savings. However, Mampilly says he is suggesting avoiding investing in Bitcoin because right now it’s prices have grown tremendously high. What he says is happening is a bubble effect on Bitcoin that’s similar to what was seen with dot-com stocks in 1999 and then the housing market in 2008, and Bitcoin is experiencing such a popularity boom that usually follows a crash afterward. Mampilly says the crash won’t be sudden, but within the next year Bitcoin could decrease in price by as much as 80%. Mampilly mentioned that there’s another digital currency out there investors should invest in and he shares that information only in his subscription newsletter.

Paul Mampilly’s personal history goes back to Dubai where his father had moved to to get a better job than what was available in India, and because of the better pay his father was able to send him to the US to go to Montclair State University where Mampilly got his bachelor’s in accounting and finance. Mampilly started out as a portfolio research assistant but quickly caught onto investment strategies that he soon was getting pay raises at each large bank that hired him.

The height of Paul Mampilly’s Wall Street career came when he made investments for clients at Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund that was highly touted by Barron’s because of what Mampilly accomplished there. He also earned recognition from the Templeton Foundation for being able to turn one of their investments into a 76% gain. Mampilly began his first newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing just two years ago, and as word of mouth spread about the success his followers were having investing, that followers list grew to 60,000 almost overnight.

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