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George Soros reaffirms commitment to the human rights cause with an $18 billion donation

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an article breaking down the details of reports about Mr. George Soros’ surprising donation of $18 billion to a charity organization. This shows the level of commitment the hedge fund manager and billionaire has dedicated to improve our societies and make the world a better place. The beneficiary of the donation is the Open Society Foundations which has been in the forefront all around the world in assisting and promoting groups that advocate for social justice and better governance. The philanthropic gesture from Mr. George Soros will go down in history as one of the largest donations of our time making Open Society Foundations one of the biggest charity organizations all around the world.

For more than 3 decades Open Society has been making rounds all across the world defending human rights and democracy. With local operations in over 120 countries, Open Society Foundations has been spearheading advocacy for the rights of the minority groups such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender commonly referred to as the LGBT community, fighting for civil rights especially against authoritarian regimes that crack down on the opposition or even despotic governments that use their armed instruments such as the military and the police against its own citizenry. Open Society Foundations not only deals with human rights but has also been involved in several altruistic acts as well including funding the building and setting up one of the facilities in the Roma Art and Culture in 2014 which showed the amount of respect the organization accords the different cultures and setups found in different parts of the world. In the same year, Open Society Foundations set up treatment centers for people who had come down with Ebola during the outbreak.

With all the good that Mr. George Soros has been doing all across the world, some individuals have been on the other hand trying to demean his work by coming up with ludicrous conspiracy theories against his works of philanthropy which has seen many people question of the underlying motives of these people. Could the fundamental capitalists be fighting back as society is appreciating the works of philanthropy more and more? Is it the immense success he has had in the business world that could be haunting him? (Not everyone loves a person who has managed to be as successful as Mr. Soros) In an article carried by the Atlantic with the title “George Soros and The Demonization of Philanthropy” the writer dives in deep to expose the contradiction that people can question the motives of activities that can be widely seen as acceptable to all begging the question whether it is Mr. George Soros they have a problem with or Philanthropy at large.

Considering that Mr. Soros was born and bred in a Nazi-occupied Hungary for the most part of his younger years, his resolve and spirit to fight for human rights and promote democracy can and will never be broken. Mr. Soros moved to the UK and later to the US where he made his fortune.


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