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Boraie Development Housing Company

In at least 25 years of the housing market, Atlanta City will experience its first development. This will be through an $ 81 million complex project called The Beach at South Inlet by the Boraie Development LLC. The company will bring up 250 new and modern apartments to the city.

Having a high percent of housing in the city being more than 40 years old, Boraie Development has set to providing new modern housing to the residents. The housing will be designed to suit the modern occupants’ needs such as heath and recreational facilities. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

The president and founder of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie has had many achievements in designing and redesigning cities. He has had visions which other people thought that they were impossible. Through his housing redesign, cities have developed and grown in a positive way, with improved security and creation of better housing and office spacing.

One of the major achievements of the Boraie Development Company is the redesigning of Brunswick. It acts as a gateway to creating the next generation office community. Brunswick offers better quality of life to tenants and makes them feel that they deserve a better living from what they earn. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

The project started with buying the old, vacant dilapidated buildings one after the other. He went on until he bought all the 21 of them. After this, Boraie outlined what his plan with the buildings was and to many, it seemed like just a mere and an impossible fantasy. This did not stop him but he went on to build his vision which transformed the area from neglect to being highly demanded for both residential renting and office renting.

Brunswick does not only offer accommodation to employees, but also to campus students. It is designed in an easy to access style. The housing quality in Brunswick can be compared to that of Manhattan and its demand is quite high. For more details visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

The next big project for the company is on Albany Street which is close to the train station. The company plans to have its third commercial site which is targeted to attract biological science firms and innovative tech firms that can benefit from being close to Rutgers.

Omar Boraie is a person that loves giving credit where it is earned. He does not take the entire praise to himself but recognizes the effort and contribution of those that have helped him and his company to succeed. He loves keeping his own life private.


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