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Accurate, Efficient and Self-Learning: Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Ecommerce Personalization and Sentient Technologies is at the Center of It

Despite the advent of e-commerce, selling products and services in the 21 century is more complex than it has ever been. In addition to an ever-increasing field of competitors, customers’ taste in this digital age are ever evolving. To compound to the problem, customers also want access to products and services as fast as possible and with as little effort as possible. This complex situation has led to the development of a number of solutions, key among them e-commerce personalization.

The goal of personalization is to ensure that products and services presented to a particular customer are as similar to his/her preferences as possible. Consequently, personalization saves the customer a considerable amount of time and effort that would be previously be spent going through a list of products or services before arriving at the preferred pick. It is the true embodiment of the customer being king and is greatly aided by a well-orchestrated online shopping experience.

That said, we are only beginning to see the true potential of e-commerce personalization, thanks to the advancements made in artificial intelligence over the last few years. For the layman, artificial intelligence can be described as equipping machines with the skills and abilities to complete tasks previously assumed to only be solvable by the human brain. Using a combination of vast intelligent algorithms, artificial intelligence allows retailers to sift through any available data available on a customer to develop a profile that is as accurate as possible. Further, the beauty of this new form of e-commerce personalization is that machine learning allows retailers to track changing customer preferences and thus accordingly alter product offerings.

With the help of artificial intelligence, product discovery can now be a lot easier. Traditionally, a shopper landing on a retailer’s site would have to use the search icon to sift through various categories before arriving at the preferred item. However, now with artificial intelligence, retailers can optimize products similar to those previously viewed by the customer.

One organization that is quite active in this field is Sentient Technologies. The fully-fledged artificial intelligence organization was founded a decade ago. It is solely focused on creating solutions for the business world using artificial intelligence technology. This objective has resonated well with many investors making it one of the best-funded organizations in the field with upwards of $140 million being received since its formation. A retailer looking to significantly improve the product recommendation or product discovery on its site would be best placed to go with Sentient Technologies.


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