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The Dentistry Life of Dr.Chris Villanueva as the CEO of MB2

The Dentistry Life of Dr.Chris Villanueva as the CEO of MB2
In life, most people experience problems with their teeth where they are forced to go to a dentist. Although there are many dentists in most health facilities, their services are still a tradition that might not be appealing to many customers. Nevertheless, Dr. Villanueva, the founder and the CEO of MB2 came up with his company aiming at providing best services to the patients. He acquired knowledge when he was working as a sole practitioner as well as in the corporate dentistry.
Dr. Chris recognized that dentists required specialized assistance to come up with the best services offered to their patients. Unlike the typical dental management which is similar to the traditional dental services, MB2 has brought new ways and styles of providing dental services that do not focus on just profit margins. The company focus is on autonomy, personal growth as well as having fun on the services offered. This innovative practice makes MB2 unique as it provides standard services that have led to the growth of the business and its excellence.
MB2 has now 533 employees and has also supported practitioners in more than 70 affiliated locations in about six states. It also has a collaborative leadership where everyone is free to share ideas hence looking forward to continued excellence .Dr. Chris expresses that success is brought about by giving a chance to big minds to speak out. He believes in sharing ideas and teamwork. According to Villanueva, individual thinking is way much far to success. He also doesn’t believe in taking things too seriously. Chris says that making humor at the office will create a good mood for the practitioners to work productively. According to him, honest employees do not need a CEO who is getting into day to day micromanaging. Instead, the work of a CEO who has created honesty with his employees is to develop visions as well as keeping the employees inspired.
According to Chris, business ideas come with little time one spends with friends during lunch breaks as well as the family. During such talks, people share ideas that make a big business success once they are implemented. Having the right doctors in the MB2 Company is what has brought success to this firm. Dr. Villanueva believes that apart from the best marketing ideas and proprietary soft wares, having the determined and collaborative practitioner is the primary reason for the success of MB2 Company.

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