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How Aloha Construction Has Navigated Its Way To the Top of the Illinois’ Construction Industry

Aloha Construction, Inc. has since inception completed over 7,000 projects in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This unmatched success rate is attributed to the company’s magnificent team of managers, customer care desk, supervisors, installers, and inspectors. The company was established years back as a family enterprise and has grown up the ranks to compete with the very best in the industry. Today, Aloha has narrowed down its specialty to roofing and home repairs. With its emphasis on excellence and safety, the company is slowly but surely redefining and raising the standards of quality in the industry and



At the driving sit in the management of Aloha is Dave Farbaky, the company’s CEO and president. His office and place of residence are both located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and it is from there that he leads his staff members to work towards realizing the company’s mission. The 46 years old talented team leader is known to value quality constructions and customer service. With his able leadership, he has become the company’s lead agent and is seen by both the employees and clients as the best leader that there could be. Besides managing Aloha in terms of business, Dave leads the company to philanthropy. He is the founder and chief financier of the Dave Fabarky Foundation that helps the less privileged residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois and what Aloha Construction knows.


Best Quality

A homeowner is motivated to repair his or her roof by many factors. It could be as a result of strong wind or a storm destroying the roof or just as a result of the aging roof. Before Aloha sends handymen and engineers to repair a client’s roof, the company first sends inspectors to investigate and understand the exact cause of a particular damage. Consequently, repairs are done by the company never disappoints. Other repairs that the company is known to be excellent in include but are not limited to windows replacements, siding, and gutter installation. In all these, the company works and delivers the best quality as requested by the client and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.


About Aloha

Aloha has its head offices in Lake Zurich, Illinois. A headcount for all of its employees shows that not less than 200 professionals are working with the firm. Nine years since it was founded, the company has been BBB+ accredited and their Linkedin.

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