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The Global Expansion of OSI Group/Industries Progresses to Europe

One of the largest and most established food production companies, OSI Group, is continuing its international expansion. Many people have enjoyed food products produced by OSI without even realizing it. They currently operate in 17 countries, and they are continuing to expand. The most recent location for expansion is the region of Europe. OSI Group purchased Baho Food in August 2016, which is a Dutch company that has subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Food provides products to 18 different countries. OSI also recently purchased Flagship Europe which produces the country’s supply of frozen poultry, pies, and condiments. The group plans to apply the same tactics to new companies in Europe that lead them to success in other countries, such as the United States and Asia.

OSI’s main focus isn’t just to expand internationally. They also hope to enhance their domestic presence. They recently acquired a food plant located on the South Side of Chicago. Before OSI purchased the plant, it was owned by Tyson Foods, and it was close to being shut down due to high costs. The closing of the food plant could have laid off nearly 500 employees but the purchase by OSI allowed these employees to keep their positions.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a large, global food production company with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded in 1909, and it first opened as a family meat market in Chicago. It is now run by CEO Sheldon Lavin who has an educational background in finance and accounting. The group focuses primarily on protein products along with vegetable items, sauces, and baked goods which are wrapped and sold at supermarkets. Their success and widespread expansions are due to the safety and quality of their products. All of their facilities have equipment and technology that prevent foreign objects from being included in the production and packing process. They are well known for being a company that consistently delivers high-quality products while also optimizing costs. Additionally, OSI Group strives to make personal connections with the community. They are currently working with charities, such as Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America.

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