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The Diplomat and Ambassador Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has been practicing international law for an extended period. He has exceptional expertise in law, and vast experience acquired after presenting and winning many litigations in court.

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom but obtained the Israel citizenship later. He returned to the country of his birth in 2011, not just to stay but to represent Israel as an ambassador. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

After his arrival, he met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for the first time in history as he was representing the document that stated his tenure as an ambassador of Israel to the UK. Although there were objections from different parties claiming that Daniel Taub was young and inexperienced for the job, his colleague believed in him and said he was the perfect person for the job. Daniel Taub is the second in history to be an ambassador who represented a foreign country to his country of birth.

During his four years tenure as a representative of Israel to the UK, Daniel Taub was productive to the two countries. He was responsible for the opening of 300 business operations in the UK by the Israelites. The bilateral trade rocketed and doubled with a rise of over $ 8 billion. The trade between the two countries was fostered and enhanced as well as the economy.

Apart from adding value to the trade, he also enriched peace and harmony. Daniel Taub with love of technology advancement that could bring change to the nations, he established the start-up Bizcamp in partnership with Google that was recognized by Grassroot Diplomat Initiative.

Daniel Taub as an international lawyer has served his country in various positions. He negotiated for the peace between Israel and Palestine when they were in the war. He fled with his Palestinian counterpart and came back with a peaceful solution. Their work manifested after the two countries became peaceful.

He also negotiated for peace between Syria & Israel. He has been an ambassador of peace in his own country. Daniel Taub supervised the lawsuit between Israel and the UN justice committee after the Gaza scandal. Daniel served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for some time as the legal advisor. He has always been working in diplomatic, legal and political positions in Israel.

Daniel is also a renowned author and a public speaker. He is famous because of his humor and communication skills. Daniel has been interviewed in various broadcasting media such as CNN, Sky News, Newsnight, and BBC. He has written books on the different topics relating to peace, Middle East and his own country Israel.

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