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Coffee, Organo Gold, And The Benefits Of Both

According to two recent studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine coffee may help lower the risks of several diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. The use of coffee in daily life has been studied extensively over the years as both a positive and negative personal trait. Both studies found that long term coffee drinkers who have at least two cups of coffee daily seem to have an 18% decrease in death than those who do not consume coffee. These studies were performed on a sampling of coffee drinkers, all ethnic backgrounds were included as well as a good ratio of male to female persons. While they cannot confirm this with medical testing, their is a positive correlation between longer health and coffee drinkers.

One such company taking these studies to heart is Organo Gold. They are a Canadian based distributor of their own coffee blends that have the mushroom Ganoderma included in the Organo Gold coffee and tea blends. Ganoderma is a mushroom found in the mountains of China and is highly revered in Chinese culture as a food that can help with many health issues. Ganoderma has been touted as a “supernatural” mushroom by those who use it for it’s health benefits.

Organo Gold started as a very small business among three friends in British Columbia, Canada and had grown into a large distributor of coffee, tea, and health products in over 35 countries. Organo Gold use a distributor model in which customers can over Organo Gold products through an authorized Organo Gold dealer. A dealer can supply sample for potential customers to try, process orders, and set up automatic shipping for customers who want to renew orders every month. To read about Organo Gold,please click here.

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