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How Richard Mishaan Design Creates The Look Of A Room

Over the course of his 26 year career in interior design, Richard Mishaan has managed to stay on top of trends that develop in his industry. His company, Richard Mishaan Design, has designed luxurious rooms for both personal residences as well as hotels including the St. Regis Hotel’s presidential suite in New York City. Elle Decor has rated Richard Mishaan Design on their A-list three times due to the timeless classics he creates.Richard Mishaan Design can use a variety of styles. This includes Art Deco, Gustavian, Art Nouveau, and others. He can even seamlessly mix these different concepts together in a way where the whole is greater than the parts.

He has a critical eye that knows when just the right splash of color or a texture change is called for.Richard Mishaan Design was established in 1991. In addition to designing rooms the company also offers lines of furniture, lighting, and home accessories. At Richard Mishaan Design he works with his clients in order to discover their likes and dislikes and how they want the room to present itself. Mishaan has said that he wants to create a room to fit the needs of his client and not force his own personal beliefs onto them.

There are examples of Richard Mishaan Design’s work in two books he has published through Monacelli Press. These are “Modern Luxury”, which was the first one to be published, and “Artfully Modern”. The oversized books showcase his designs and in the books he expresses how he went about creating them. “Artfully Modern“, in particular, shows people that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create the look of the room. It’s having a creative eye and piecing different things together that is effective, not the amount you spent.

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