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Let us Live like Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel citizen who was born in 1952. During this time, Israel was still developing, and Adam Milstein grew with it. Due to his kind heart, he gives more than $1 million every year to any groups and organizations that care for Jewish people. Milstein is a humble person who started his career life by joining Israeli Defence Forces. He also owns a degree in Business and Economics from Technion.
This is the name you will meet most when you pass through real estate investments in Israeli. As managing partner, his did a lot of work which helped Hager Pacific Properties to move forward a give quality services to people around it. The beautiful portfolio of $2 billion was enhanced by Adam Milstein, who helped Pacific Properties invest in most companies across the country.
His hard work is not only notable in the real estate. Adam Milstein is the pioneer who advocates for helping Jewish students in going back to Jewish roots and knows their originality. He aims to assist these students with all ways to connect with Israel. Working with Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has helped several students in learning their heritage. His philanthropic work is done with his wife.
According to Milstein and his wife, who has an experience as U.S. to Morocco immigration, they all fight for fighting for the oppressed. Due to that Milstein decided to establish an Israeli-American Council which aims at improving the possible relationship between the US Israel. He is always confident talking about protecting the Jewish people who are oppressed.
With his knowledge with marginalized social groups which are based in the U.S., Milstein is a writer, and he advocates on behalf of these groups. In his popular publications, Milstein focuses on the importance of the Jewish people knowing how to write and read Hebrew. According to Milstein reading and writing using our Hebrew will help people connect and engage deeply in their culture and religion. Because he wants his word and work to spread far and deep, he shares his resources with individuals and also looks for good ways to help people who need his help.

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