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Vincent Parascandola is among the few individuals who are capable of translating the knowledge attained in class into real life situations. Having graduated from New York’s Pace University, he is a bachelors’ degree holder in science. Vincent Parascandola has as well seen the need to go back to school to learn additional techniques that will buffer his communication skills. The institution of which he has offered his services have been ranked as the best in providing covers relating to medical and life insurance. In the city of New York, Vincent Parascandola’s stewardship has enhanced improvements in living standards of citizens through creation of nearly 6000 job vacancies most being personnel needed to provide advisory on modern and innovative panning.

According to Rocket Reach, with more than 25 years of knowledge in investment consultation settings, Vincent Parascandola has received great honor in the many companies he has worked with. He currently operates as the Senior Executive Deputy President at AXA Advisors group. He has greatly been applauded for his stewardship that has aided in improving production volume as well as ensuring ascending pattern in revenue collection by the firm. Vincent parascandola had formerly been an employee at a firm called prudential as an agent as well as holding numerous management roles at MONY Life insurance firm. He moved to AXA Advisors as department president in 2004 has since been elevated to the post of executive deputy president.

Vincent Parascandola had initially worked also as the president of advantage group which is a subsidiary of AXA Advisors as well as co- managing at New York metro where AXA Advisors had established a branch. His contributions have been highly hailed since providing services at such honorable roles needs excellent and brilliant minds. His massive and incomparable efforts have presented him with a chance to receive many awards among them being GAMA’s Professional award in the master and growth agency category. Vincent Parascandola is an exceptional public speaker as well. He has widely been contacted by the different investment firms and industries to help in advertisements as well as conducting marketing conferences. Subscribe to Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel to learn more about finance.

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