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Jason Hope believes Fountain of Youth may be more than just a myth

Since the days when Ponce De Leon discovered Florida, the search for the Fountain of Youth has always been at the forefront of popular imagination. The ability to buck inexorable process of aging is something that has captured the minds of writers, philosophers and futurists for as long as thoughts have been committed to words.

But there are some people who believe that the Fountain of Youth is more than a mere myth. One of those is the prolific out entrepreneur Jason Hope, best known for creating the first premium mobile content streaming service, Jawa. Jason Hope has always been deeply interested in the power of medicine to change the course of people’s lives, intervening in nature and saving those who would otherwise be fated to succumb to terrible illnesses. Through his close study of the medical literature, Hope has come to the position that it may eventually be possible to radically expand current human life expectancies.

It was in this spirit that he donated more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the leading private medical research institutions in the United States today. The money will be dedicated directly to study of atherosclerosis, a ubiquitous medical condition that leads to heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease, some of the biggest killers in the United States today.

But Hope’s real reason for supporting atherosclerosis research is because he feels that the underlying molecular processes, involving the microscopic damage to endothelial tissues and the subsequent inflammatory repair response that the body inevitably initiates, will someday lead to the ability to dramatically reduce the effects of almost all diseases affecting the elderly and associated with aging. This is because many of these diseases have the same underlying etiologies as atherosclerosis.

Hope has stated that gaining a sophisticated, granular understanding of the processes that underlie atherosclerosis will lead to someday finding effective treatments or even cures for diseases ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to glaucoma. Hope believes that with diligent research, eventually the aging process may be able to be stopped altogether.

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