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How Nathaniel Ru and his Friends are Transforming the Restaurant Industry

When Nathaniel Ru and his two friends were completing their final year at the prestigious Georgetown University, they realized that getting a healthy place to enjoy a meal was difficult. The students wanted a facility that was fun and easy at the same time. After some months, the three friends realized that their answer might be at the 560 square foot tavern located at M Street down area.

After six long years, the young entrepreneurs seem to have chosen the right place. The eatery they established in M Street is currently a 21 store restaurant that is known as Sweetgreen. Speaking at the prestigious Wharton Marketing Conference, Nathaniel Ru says that his eatery is transforming the lives of the individuals who want to live healthy lives.

The landlord of the M Street store used to be the landlord of the apartment where the young investors were living while in school. When Nathaniel called her and explained his plans, the landlord did not respond. She just decided to hang up.

The friends did not give up. Every day, they would call the landlord until she decided to talk to them face to face. Nathaniel and his friends had to dress up in a suit for the first time so that they can finalize the deal. Nathaniel and the other young investors carried their three-page business plan.

After meeting the gentlemen, the landlord saw some spark. This is because they were still a semester away from completing their education at the Georgetown University. She instructed them to go out and find reliable business backers and architect so that they can return with a perfect plan of activities.

In three weeks the businessmen identified some backers and a reliable architect. This impressed the landlord, and she decided to give the young men the assistance they needed to start up their restaurant.

The three did not have any restaurant experience, but they were willing to give their great concept an opportunity. Today, the businessmen knew how fortunate they were to get this opportunity.

Sweetgreen has done very well since it was established several years ago. At the moment, the food store has branches in some of the major suburbs and cities in Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia. The restaurant has earned the respect of many people in the United States because it is fresh and healthy.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends make sure that all the ingredients used are purchased from the local farmers. The food is checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that might harm the clients.

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