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All You Want to Know About Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Who is Porfirio Sanchez Galindo and what does he do? With a name like that to live up to, you can bet that he is someone to pay attention to. Youthful, intelligent, and with the talent to get things done, he is someone who is making a name for himself in Mexico.

Having gone to Stanford University, Porfirio studied amongst some of the best and returned to take Mexico City by storm. He worked in the Mexican Ministry of Finance and after years in Televisa, as an economist and chief of staff, it’s no wonder that he has now claimed the title of CEO of Editorial Televisa.

With Televisa as the number one media company in the Spanish-speaking world, you can only imagine how talented Porfirio must be at what he does to have been able to achieve his position. With his years as an economic analyst, he has certainly proven that he has the experience needed to be a big asset to Televisa.

His experience in the government also provided him with an understanding and awareness of the economic environment in Mexico helping him to be a good option for his position in helping to continue to keep Televisa on top.

Having studied extensively in ITAM, Stanford University, and Carnegie Mellon University, he has the educational background to back him up as a qualified individual in the world of finance and at Televisa. A big factor in his success was his willingness to stay put at a company where he had been working for over 8 years when he was offered a promotion.

He has proven that he isn’t an ordinary man and when you give him a challenge, he will do more than succeed: he will improve your company and everything around him.

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