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The Outstanding Management Skills of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who is recognized for his success in the food and beverages industry. He has gained excellent business administration skills and experience for the past 43 years of his career. Lavin is a hard working individual and has led OSI Group to be among the world’s leading food processors. He currently serves the firm as its CEO and chairperson. OSI Group is an international company that has specialized in manufacturing different types of foods and beverages.

Lavin kicked off his profession by serving as an investor and bank administrator before joining the food industry. He was hired by OSI group when it was a McDonald’s bugger supplier division. Sheldon used outstanding strategies in transforming the firm into a global brand that supplies processed foods to several retailers. He believes that nothing is impossible to achieve if one is determined to do it. Sheldon Lavin joined the sector with a lot of passion and was committed to being one of the leading executives

The entrepreneur started gaining interest in the meat industry in 1970 when he was still serving as an administrator at a financial company. He was later approached by Otto & Sons, which is the predecessor firm of OSI, assist in organizing a financing deal. The business has won a bid to supply hamburgers to McDonald, and therefore, it needed to establish a meat processing factory. Lavin’s first job at Otto & Sons was serving as a financial consultant. He later agreed with the company to join it as a partner. The firm offered him a position and ever since he has committed himself to ensuring that it is successful in the local and global markets. Sheldon is currently a major shareholder in the firm. He has led it in completing several mergers and acquisition deals that have facilitated its growth.

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