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Beneful Original Commercials Feature Happy and Healthy Dogs

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video might be worth even more. Purina Beneful commercial for Beneful Originals, “Dinner for Two,” is a perfect example. Featuring the dog’s voice as a voiceover, the commercial shows a dog happily scarfing down his bowl of Beneful Originals dog food. If a happy and content dog isn’t enough to convince you of the food’s tastiness the dog compares his meal to his owner’s meal, which consists of crackers and a cheese stick, which points out how much more nutrition for the dog is getting compared to his person.

Another commercial for Beneful Originals called “Happy, Healthy Dog” showcases the wholesome grains, real beef and accents of spinach, carrots and peas each bowl of Beneful contains. Vitamins and protein complete what your dog needs to be happy and healthy, which is good news to dog lovers!


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