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Rick Smith Makes Changes In Telecommunication Industry

Rick Smith is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Company Chairman for Securus Technologies in Dallas, Texas. He has many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and during this time he has proven that he is capable of great things. He is devoted to bringing the highest quality products and services to his customers. Rick Smith believes that excellent customer support is key to their success and he strives to find ways to help out Securus’ clients in any way that he can. During his time at Securus, he has implemented a number of new systems that have led them forward. They are now one of the highest performing telecommunications companies in the United States. They continue to improve their performance.

Before working at Securus, Rick Smith spent many years learning about the industry and gathering as much experience as possible. He learned about leadership techniques and it is for this reason that he is now known for being such a fair and balanced leader. He got his first job at the Global Crossing North American Inc. as their Chief Information Officer. He also worked as their Midwest Telephone Operations Vice President and was the Vice President of the Financial Management department. He continued to be promoted within the company and ended up staying with them for over 25 years. He was then offered the position of Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. From there he was promoted to the President of the company. He later became their Chief Executive Officer and drastically increased their revenue. He did so well at Eschelon that he caught the attention of Securus.

At Securus, Rick Smith has completely revamped their system and they now work with far more inmates and corrections facilities than before. They also provide service to law enforcement and public safety groups. He has made Securus far better than even its main competitor and they are able to give their clients every that they desire. One of the ways that Rick Smith has allowed Securus to stand out is by making sure they stay ahead of the times in terms of technology. As an engineer, Rick Smith understands the importance staying relevant in technology.One of the ways that Rick Smith is working on taking the technology in the telecommunications world into the future is by allowing the inmates to use a video chat feature to speak to their friends and families. This is saving the corrections a large amount of money on security since fewer people need to come in for visitation. Rick Smith is also working on releasing a biometrics system that will allow the corrections facility to better monitor the inmates. It includes facial recognition so it will make it much easier to stay on top of the organization.

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