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Top 3 Women Plastic Surgeons In Texas

A few decades ago, California seemed to be the only state with a monopoly on plastic surgery. So anyone who wasn’t a celebrity or in the public eye never really dreamed of plastic surgery because it wasn’t exactly a procedure that was meant for the common people. Now with lower priced surgeries and less invasive measures practically anyone can have a bit of minor or major plastic surgery. Whether you wish to have the procedure for cosmetic or health reasons. This list is composed of the top three plastic and cosmetic surgeons across the country.

  1. Camille Cash

Dr. Cash helps residents of Houston, TX look and feel their best. She graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and went onto St. Joseph’s Hospital to complete her residency along with formal training to become a surgeon. After completing her surgical residency she moved onto residency training for plastic surgery. Once becoming Chief Resident of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Cash traveled to Lima, Peru and helped in the facial reconstruction of children born with cleft lips and palates. Currently, women are the sole clientele of Dr. Cash but she hopes that men will become clients too. She believes that everyone can benefit from plastic surgery because the main purpose of the procedures is to help people feel better about themselves.

  1. Ashley Gordon

Dr. Gordon brings something unique to the table. She is able to connect with her patients in such a profound way that most doctors can’t. She is a woman who has had plastic surgery. So she knows full well the fears, anxiety, and nervousness patients might be going through but she also knows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She is living proof that once you’ve taken that first step through a consultation you are on the road to new beginnings and happiness. Dr. Gordon specializes in natural looking plastic and cosmetic surgery. She doesn’t want her work to appear to obvious and her patients fall head over heels with the results every single time.

  1. Jennifer L. Walden

Last on our list is Dr. walden a talented surgeon living in the Lone Star State or more specifically, Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden started her plastic surgery career in New York but moved closer to home to be near family. Dr. Walden is extremely innovated and has blended the two practices of cosmetic surgery with women’s health. She wishes to help empower women by performing cosmetic surgery. She wants patients to know that it’s her sole purpose to help them feel comfortable in the skin that they’re in. Her main focus with procedures is non invasive cosmetic procedures and what the industry likes to call “mommy makeovers”. These makeovers help aging women, who are probably a wife and mother, feel better about themselves as their bodies change. Dr. Walden is very prominent in the media. She has written numerous medical articles and even has her own segment on KVUE-TV, the local ABC affiliate in Austin.

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