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Sheldon Lavin Bags the Vision World Academy’s Global Visionary Award for his Successful Executive Career

Sheldon Lavin was the recipient of the fifth annual Global Visionary Award presented by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin, who serves as OSI Group’s chair and CEO, bagged the prestigious award due to his successful executive career. He is known for enabling OSI Group to secure a spot in the international food processing industry. Since he took over as the chief executive officer, the company has expanded its food solutions to 60 locations based in 16 nations.OSI Group’s products, reach clients in India through OSI-Vista Processed Foods. The firm began operating as OSI Group’s subsidiary in 1995. Today, OSI-Vista operates in eight locations in the country and excels in distributing custom processed meat, vegetables, and fruits to clients. Sheldon Lavin also acts as the CEO of the firm. The Vision World Academy acknowledged his achievements with an objective of inspiring the future generation to follow his example.

OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the founding leaders of OSI Group. The Aurora-based meat processing company was featured in Forbes’ list as one of the largest privately owned business ventures in America. Besides serving as its CEO, Lavin entirely owns OSI Group. He began his finance career as a consultant for Otto & Sons back in 1970. Otto & Sons hired Lavin with an objective of building a meat processing factory and operating as a Midwest supplier of McDonalds.

As a family owned venture, Otto & Sons’ management changed in the 1970s. This move allowed the venture to expand overseas. Sheldon Lavin is acknowledged as the financial expert who facilitated the family business’ expansion into foreign markets. He later gained total ownership of the company, which embraced the name OSI Group. Today, OSI Group thrives in the international meet processing market because of its diverse products. The products include breadsticks, breakfast sausage, cooked beef, hot dogs, and pork.


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