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Julie Zuckerberg

As an independent female, Julie Zuckerberg had made her way to the top of the finance industry without the assistance from the patriarchy. Overcoming the male dominated workforce is not easy, but Julie had overcome multiple hurdles to get where she is today. Sacrificing her social life during her early twenties for extra hours at the office had certainly paid off. She now has held multiple executive human resource positions for the largest finance companies on the globe.


Not only is Julie breaking the male dominated business hierarchy, but she is also contributing to greater causes. Surely, those lucky enough to rise to high wage executive careers forget about the little people; but not Julie. She is actively involved in a number of charities geared towards ending poverty and reducing human rights violations in underprivileged countries.


Her passionate care towards her pets had also led her on a crusade of supporting animal rights. Ending the suffering of innocent animals has become her new calling in love. She may not be a religious girl, but her bleeding heart nature wanted her to nurture the unfortunate population of tortured animals within the meat and pharmaceutical industries.


Julie’s time at the City University of New York has exposed her to radical social and business ideas that have shaped her professional life. With her degree and desperation to get her foot in the door, she had accepted a lowly HR position with the Hudson law firm. Although abysmal wages for New York, the fast paced job had provided her with human relationship experience that will last a lifetime. Not only did she learn some awesome recruitment techniques, but also how to diffuse workplace conflicts.


Somebody within the ivory towers of Wall Street must have noticed her excellence since she was recruited with Citi as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. She had planned full-cycle recruitment strategies for hiring managing directors that will be assigned to various projects. She had become a master negotiator, saving the company millions through alluring employment packages. She was fully responsible for making sure new employees understood their positions, benefits and contract durations. She had also been shifted into international recruitment, making sure that each recruit had been legally compliant to work for the company.


Julie had gone into a 4-month temporary position wit the New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. During her short period, she had managed the entire nation’s employee recruitment strategy. Much like her position at Citi, she had created full-cycle recruitment projects. This was a mere break prior to her contract with Deutsche Bank.


Deutsche Bank, one of the leading international finance companies, was certainly a privilege for Julie Zuckerberg to work for. She had handled recruitment in multiple industries including asset management, global technology, and infrastructure. She was also tasked with making sure the company was met with diversity quotas and other legal obligations. Her position had been directly in communication with the management team, allowing her to form new recruitment strategies that will be adopted in other branches of the company.

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