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Jason Hope Foresees many industries being disrupted by Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s foremost internet entrepreneurs. He has made a name for himself over the years by starting a string of highly successful companies, some of which have gone on to become leaders in their respective industries. He is perhaps best noted as the founder of Jawa, one of the first premium content providers for mobile users.

Now, Hope has taken to the internet. He’s blogging and writing for a number of tech outlets concerning matters technological. One of the chief areas that he’s become interested in are the possibilities presented by the new technologies broadly encompassed by the term Internet of Things.

One of the aspects which has sparked Hope’s interest is the way in which the coming technology will disrupt various industries in their respective work forces. Jason Hope foresees industries such as fast food, trucking and other industries employed primarily low skilled labor being heavily disrupted by new technologies, such as widespread automation.

He thinks one of the crucial issues of the coming 50 years will be the ways in which society handles a large army of unemployed workers who, in previous generations, would have been able to eventually be retrained and find new jobs. Hope thinks that many of these workers simply will not be able to create real value in the advanced economy that will soon become reality and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

But Hope does not view this as a problem. Instead, he thinks that enough wealth will be generated by the increases in productivity that these unemployable workers will have unprecedented leisure time and be taken care of by the government and more information click here.

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