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Entrepreneur Mogul, Chris Burch, Take On Technology And Fashion

The fashion and technological industry have seen a lot of advancements throughout the years. However, the two industries have joined and are admirably growing together, reinforcing each other along the way.


Then and Now


In the past one could walk around with a boom box, which was considerably big, so as to listen to their favorite music stations. In the progressing years, a more personalized affair with one’s music taste came to be, with the invention of a Walkman. At the moment, gadgets like iPods have made the personal experience even smaller.


It is clear that what the masses deem fashionable is what makes technology grow. Integration between fashion and technology seems to tap the hidden potential to create what delivers in the fashion sense.




Technology incorporated with fashion may serve in protecting us. For example, replacing motorbike helmets with the Airbag for cyclists, made by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, which will enable you view the surrounding, but pop up upon impact and protect you.


Also, the integration may help us recycle our waste, such as creating jackets out of bicycles inner tube, as done by SegraSegra. The advancements are continuing as Soledad Martin is working towards creating shoes that will enable you charge your phone as you walk or run. He uses the concept that kinetic energy can be transformed into electrical energy.


Incorporation of Fashion and Technology


Fashion will sometimes need to boost technology for it to gain acceptance. To illustrate this, for example, considering Google Glass, not many people are into the idea of putting on glasses, for others, the cost of purchasing the glasses could be huge, yet for computer-geeks it is appealing. However, Diane Von Furstenberg’s model wore them on the runway and since people look up to fashion shows for incites on what is trending, accepting the Google Glass could face positive results. It is, therefore, necessary that the two industries work together.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company’s investment ideology acts as a projector to his administrative values. He invests in a variety of businesses such as financial services, hospitality, consumer products, and technology. Chris also offers advice to people on how to expand their businesses.


He boasts of four decades worth of experience in the business realm. While in Itchica College, Chris and his brother, Bob, founded Eagles Eye apparel, which they later sold for $165 million to Swire Group. This marked the start of his successful journey. Currently, he has renowned brands in his portfolio such as Poppin, Nihiwatu, and Cocoon9.


Some of the philanthropic activities he is involved with are sending donations to organizations such as; The Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital NY, The Henry Street Settlement, and The Child Welfare League of China.





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