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Securus Technologies Accredited By The BBB

Securus Technologies is a private communications company that serves correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. They provide communications services to over 3,800 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates and their families.


Differing plans are available to subscribers that can connect to Android and Apple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and regular landlines. People are able to gain great comfort by having accessibility to one another through this setup and it has been well received.


One of the most popular services from Securus is the video phone availability, as with this service family members and inmates get a live view of one another. This is just like being together in the same room and it is much appreciated.


Recently, Securus has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau which gives the company a form of credibility which was previously lacking. Not that Securus was doing anything grievously wrong, it is always a good thing to have credibility such as the BBB offers.


Not all businesses are eligible for membership in the Better Business Bureau. Businesses must meet the guidelines that are prescribed by the BBB. If a business meets those guidelines, an application can be submitted, and the business is either accepted or rejected. Securus was accepted and stands ready to abide by the high standards of the Better Business Bureau.


Having gained membership in the Better Business Bureau and being accredited gives a great deal of legitimacy to Securus and it services to inmates and their families. If there are grievances that do occur, then the persons who have the grievance have an independent party stand in for them to give them some relief from the problem that they allege to be having.


Securus has a great deal of service to watch over and having an independent party help them to guarantee a level of service is very helpful in this matter.


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