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Alexandre Gama Looks To Develop A Number Of Different Areas Of Interest

The advertising entrepreneur and creative specialist Alexandre Gama is best known for his long and successful career in the industry that began in the 1980s and continues as the creative head and CEO of his own Neogama agency; however, Gama has recently been looking to show he is a business leader with varied business and philanthropic interests across the world. The legendary career of Alexandre Gama has taken him to many different areas of the world and seen him form business partnerships with some of the biggest advertising agencies on the planet.

Following his founding of Neogama, Alexandre Gama quickly led the company to a Cannes Golden Lion award in the first year the company was operating, which attracted the attention of the globally recognized BBH agency based in London. A strategic partnership followed that took Gama to London and allowed him to explore his love of sports cars through his investment in the Liverpool based Briggs Automotive Company.

Although he is now a globally recognized figure, Alexandre Gama has remained a follower of the Brazilian guitar playing tradition, which has led to him forming his own charitable group uploading videos to YouTube in a bid to inspire a new generation of guitar players in the Brazilian tradition Gama feels is dying out.

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