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Construcap: A Company Geared Towards A Better Society

Construcap is one of the largest construction, energy, and infrastructure companies in Brazil. The company was founded in 1994 by Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado.

The company works on the principle of always aiming for development. It strives to offer the best possible services to its clients while executing only those projects which don’t harm the environment.

Construcap believes that constant development of their employees is essential for the success of the company. For this purpose, the company conducts regular training programs which can aid to the professional growth and development of its employees.

Construcap believes in encouraging fresh graduates, who have a potential to build a career in the field, to partake in their internship and training programs on Through this, the interns are trained in on and off-field tasks and in the main business areas.

The company also offers its employees professional training for an opportunity to advance in the field. This initiative on has drastically helped some families lead a more comfortable life. The program trains the employees in practical knowledge, along with helping them understand the theory behind it. Also, Construcap also makes its employees undergo leadership and team building programs to boost the overall efficiency of its employees.

Construcap understands it’s corporate responsibility towards its society, environment, nation and its own employees. It believes that encouraging its employees greatly helps their personal development and helps them grow in the right direction.

Helping the community in whatever way they can has always been a goal of the company. Construcap is a supporter of the Grêmio Columbia, a program initiated by the Columbia -Instituição a Serviço da Juventude which promotes the development of art and culture among the youth of Brazil.

Besides these, Construcap has undertaken numerous programs to benefit the society and provide otherwise unavailable facilities. This includes computer education, business counseling services to small companies, financial education along with family planning and relationship counseling. In addition, they have undertaken numerous campaigns to combat many of the challenges that Brazil faces today. Some of the campaigns include HIV prevention drives, drug interventions, and campaigns to combat sexual exploitation of young children.

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