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Josh Verne Talks About Success on Podcast Interview

On a recent podcast interview, entrepreneur Josh Verne talked about his latest experiences in business. He is currently running a new company called FlockU. During the interview, Verne talked about success and what it takes in order to achieve it. When Josh was talking during the interview, he stated that in order to be successful, you must have certain characteristics. These include leadership, good communication, seeking a win win situation, achieving balance in all areas of your life and also finding an occupation that you truly enjoy. If you have all of these things going for you, then you will most likely reach your goals and experience satisfaction in business and in life.


When he was speaking during the interview, Josh Verne said that having leadership skills is critical to becoming successful. He believes that you must allow others to work towards goals that benefit the entire organization. Verne said that you should never use your status as a boss to get people to do what you want. Josh believes that with a more collaborative approach, managers and executives will more likely achieve goals as they will focus on using the strengths of everyone involved. Another point that Verne made about success is to focus on getting a win win situation. This means that you should always make sure that a business deal provides benefits for all parties involved. With this approach, everyone will accomplish something and attain satisfaction.


Josh Verne currently operates a content marketing and e-commerce company known as FlockU. The company offers access to college campus events as well as retail products. As a result, a number of college students are able to more efficiently get access to the top products they want to purchase along with finding out more about the latest activities taking place on campus. Verne saw a demand in content marketing for college students and therefore started up this company in order to help them gain better access to the latest products and events.


FlockU isn’t the first company that Josh has founded. He also co founded another company called Workpays. This was his first ever business venture and it was a success. Before, Josh ventured out to entrepreneurship, he worked as a sales professional for various retail companies. His experience as a sales professional was very successful as he would help his companies reach sales figures of millions of dollars. At the very beginning of his career, Josh worked at a furniture distribution business that his family owned. At this business, he would oversee the warehouse as well as manage the company. This initial experience helped him gain valuable knowledge of how to run a successful business.


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